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A Professional Guide to Beef Cuts and Delicious Cooking Recipes

A Professional Guide to Beef Cut and Delicious Cooking Recipes

There are different kinds of steaks, but beef is king

Crispy grilled chicken steak, the juicy sweetness of pork steak, and the one and only - beef steak. There are all kinds of steaks but the beef steak is respectively known as the "king" of steaks, and depending on the cut, there are different key points and cooking methods. Today, we'll be introducing beef cuts we recommend for steaks and delicious cooking methods.

A Must-Try Beef Cut! A Guide to Beef Cuts for Steak

Beef steak is a "feast" where it brings a smile to everyone sitting at the dinner table. But, there are more than 10 kinds of beef cuts, and we often get questions about which cut to choose for cooking a steak.

Answer: It depends on the preference of the person, but regardless of the cut, beef steak is delicious. But, of course, there are suitable cuts for a steak. At "The Meat Guy", where we boast our professionalism for meat, we recommend the "ribeye", the "filet", and the "striploin"!

  • Ribeye


    Juicy, flavorful and just enough fat. One of the most popular cuts for a beef steak. Even young cattle have excellent fine meat quality, and when it’s well fattened, the meat has plenty of marbling.

  • Filet


    If you like red meat, then we definitely recommend the filet! The precious filet cut is only 3% from one cow. It has little fat and is regarded as the most tender cut of beef. The popular "chateaubriand steak" is also a kind of filet.

  • Striploin


    A cut that has both condensed taste of red meat and juicy fat. The "striploin steak" is the representative staple of beef steak. Versatile to the ultimate question "how would you like your steak?" at a restaurant and is delicious at any doneness.

Recommended recipe for different beef cuts

Ribeye, filet and striploin. We’ll be introducing the best way to enjoy the cuts. Gotta try them all!

The extravagant combination is irresistible:
"Rossini” Style Steak

The less fat, red meat filet and rich foie gras make a great combination.

Ingredients(for one person)
  • beef fillet⋯⋯100~150g
  • Olive oil⋯⋯1 teaspoon
  • The Meat Guy’s “Steak Spice”(or salt and black pepper)⋯⋯A good amount
  • Balsamic vinegar⋯⋯1 tablespoon
  • Honey ⋯⋯1/2 tablespoon
  • Foie gras⋯⋯40~50g
  1. 1. Season the beef filet with olive oil and “steak spice”(or salt and black pepper)
  2. 2. Sear each side of the filet with medium heat for a few minutes until desired doneness (we recommend medium-rare! If you have a meat thermometer, the temperature should be kept around 60℃) Finally, cover the steaks with a lid and, at high heat, sear the surface of the filet for about 10 seconds for a juicier dish.
  3. 3. In a saucepan, heat the balsamic oil and honey until the alcohol evaporates. Next, lower the temperature and allow it to boil down until the sauce thickens. Add sliced mushrooms by preference.
  4. 4. Lightly season each side of the thawed foie gras with salt and pepper and grill it with medium heat in frying pan. If the temperature is too high, the foie gras can burn so be careful!
  5. 5. To serve, lay the foie gras on top of the cooked steak and spoon the sauce over and around the steaks. Finish with asparagus, blueberry, green peas and lemon.

Definitely a house favorite! Simple flavor beef steak

Definitely a house favorite! Simple flavor beef steak

For the simple beef steak, we recommend striploin or ribeye where you can enjoy the pure and juicy taste of beef.

Ingredients (For one person)
  • Beef striploin or Ribeye⋯⋯Approx. 200g
  • Olive oil⋯⋯1-2 teaspoon
  • The Meat Guy’s "Steak spice" (or salt and black pepper)⋯⋯A good amount
  1. 1. First, make sure to thaw the beef in the refrigerator to defrost, removing it from the refrigerator, allowing it come to room temperature. Wipe off the moisture of the meat’s surface with kitchen paper and season the beef with the "steak spice"(or salt and pepper) and olive oil.
    For more details on thawing meatSimple flavor beef steak
  2. 2. Add olive oil to a frying pan, and heat the pan with low to medium temperature. Put the seasoned beef into the frying pan and thoroughly grill each side. (Grill all sides if the meat is thick) After cooking to your preferred doneness, heat the frying pan to high and again grill both sides of meat for 10 seconds for the final touch. Simple flavor beef steak
  3. 3. After pre-warming a plate for serving, rest the steak for 5 minutes so that the left over heat will finish the meat. (If you have a meat thermometer, check to see if the center of meat is 63℃ when resting)

We introduced delicious steaks for each cuts, but the cooking method is not difficult. If you get the key points and the characteristic of each beef cut, you can definitely enjoy your meat to the maximum. We hope you enjoy great steaks at home!

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