If you are looking for Japan-Original Yakiniku Meats or Sliced Meats perfect for Jingisukan(Genghis Khan), you are in the right place. You don't have to cut it. Cook and enjoy it right away!

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18 Items

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Slices's FAQ

  • Q Are they Grass-Fed Beef?
    A We have Grass-Feds and Grain-Feds (Corn-Feds). If the product has "Grass-Fed" in its name. If it doesn't it is not Grass-Fed. Check the product page.

Slices's Review

Lamb Shortloin Block 400g(200g×2pc)
Nice lamb cut for Sunday dinner
We got this shortloin block and it made 2 Sunday dinners. I miss the taste of lamb sometimes and so this hits the spot.
【Free Shipping】Lamb Shortloin Block 200g×6pc + Free Stake spice
Perfect Easter meal with friends
We had these with friends for our Easter meal - they were so tasty and disappeared quickly - easy to cook on the bbq, succulent and tasty :)
Perfect in a Pita
This is my first time buying this product. I was happy with the purchase. It tasted just like I get at area restaurants in Tsuchiura. The spice and texture are what you’d expect. Unfortunately, when I ate it I was too hungry and ate it too fast….and I didn’t get to fully enjoy it. I WILL be ordering it again and will make sure to take my time to fully enjoy it.
Grass-Fed Beef Round Slices (500g)
burst of flavor
For anyone seeking high-quality, flavorful beef with the added benefits of grass-feeding, the Grass-Fed Beef Round Slices (500g) are highly recommended. They promise to bring a burst of flavor and nutrition to your meals, making them a must-try for health-conscious food enthusiasts and gourmet cooks alike
Australian Lamb Yaki-Niku Slices (200g)
premium product
The Australian Lamb Yaki-Niku Slices (200g) present a sublime choice for enthusiasts of both lamb and Japanese cuisine. This premium product marries the tender, rich flavors of Australian lamb with the thin slicing perfect for the traditional Japanese cooking style of Yaki-Niku.

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