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Foie Gras Slices 1pc (approx. 45g)

Foie Gras Slices 1pc (approx. 45g)
SKU D012
Contents about 45g
unit price ¥1,533 / per 100g

Labeling Information

country of origin Hungary
ingredients Foie gras (duck liver)
PACKAGING AND HANDLING Keep Frozen at -18 degrees C

Allergy Reference

Egg Milk Wheat Nut Buckwheat Shrimp Crab
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Those with '○' are included.


The package has changed! Comes in a pack of 1 sheet per bag.

One of the popular and well known delicacy in the french cuisine. The flavor is rich, buttery and delicate. This pack contains pre-sliced foie gras. One pack contains one slice. It is illegal to sell this in Chicago - it must be good!

Serving Suggestion

Foie gras is considered a delicatessen and often associated with fine dining. If you intend to microwave and sandwich it we will come to your house and strip your pants. We know your address! See our premium delicatessen line-up below. They come in a value set combined with either filet mignons, veal loin steak or mini hamburger. You will find the product page below under "recommended items".


The thawing time depends on many factors such as size, weight, packaging and type of meat. Please refer to our thawing chart ≫here≪

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