Meat Pies

Meat Pies

One of the most famous Australian Foods! When they had Olympic, Meat Pie was chosen as their official/national food. It is a very popular type of Pie in Australia. In Japan, we think Pie as a dessert dish and not many people know Meat Pie. But you will like it once you try it! Enjoy the authentic Aussie Taste!

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Meat Pies's FAQ

  • Q How should I eat Meat Pie?
    A First, Thaw completely. Then, bake in oven/oven toaster. We recommend microwave it beforehand so inside is heated as well. Once the outside gets crispy/flaky, it's DONE! The inside gets very HOT, please be careful when eating.
  • Q Is Meat Pie Seasoned/Flavored?
    A The meat inside is already flavored. You can enjoy it by itself! You can put ketchup or sour cream if you like.

Meat Pies's Review

FREE SHIPPING Best of Vili's Meat Pie Sampler Set (3 Meat Pies + 1 Sausage Roll) Value Set
tasty and flaky
The sausage rolls are delicious, filled with flavored sausage meat, not just a single sausage. And the pastry is flaky like pie pastry, and bakes well in my air fryer oven.
Vili's Beef Meat Pie (160g)
Thank God it wasn't like what I had back home.
Word of mouth amongst fellow faculty were that these were quite nice, so I had to try them. However, I still do not have ideal memories of meat pies back home. Anyway, they arrived. I followed the directions, and now indeed have my first pleasant memory of a meat pie. I had some sent to friends and kids and they were all just as delighted. Personally, I`ll order again, I'm sure.
Vili's Beef & Mushroom Meat Pie (160g)
A very nice pie even if a shade too peppery.
Vili's Chicken Meat Pie (160g)
Chicken meat pie
Absolutely great “chicken pot pie” type pastry. Third time ordering. Love it and everything else I ordered from these guys.
New & Exclusive! Vili's Imported Original Australian Sausage Roll (110g)
A solid sausage roll
I've had a few of these now and I've enjoyed each one. The pastry is crispy and flaky and the sausage fills most of the pastry and has a nice flavour and texture. They're a little pricey but that's to be expected of an imported item and I've not found a good way of getting sausage rolls anywhere else.

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