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Desktop PC: At the top of the page there is a login button.
Smartphone or Tablet PC: Click on the MENU link and then log in.

How to Register Your Business

This form is for registering your business with us and creating a wholesale account. As a B2B customer, you can benefit from wholesale prices.
Once you have finished your registration we will send you a confirmation email.

Register Business / Create Wholesale Account


QWhat is a wholesale account?
ADo you own a restaurant, café or a catering service etc? With an account, you benefit from wholesale prices. Simply said: the same products and the same service at wholesale prices.
QI am planning to open a business with includes food but haven’t opened yet or don’t own the business license yet. Can I open an account with you and check for prices?
ASure you can. We support small businesses. Please note that no purchases can be done without a proper business license. You can, however, check the prices and items. If you need samples simply purchase from our regular store, no registration is required.
QWhat requirements do I need to meet?
AAs a business owner you need to have a business operating license. Also, you can prove the existence of your store with a website which states your name and address etc. If you are a prospective business owner please provide us with a small description of your future business. Once we have verified your account we will approve your account and you can order right away.
QHow long does it take to have my account approved?
AWe usually make sure accounts are approved within 24h.
QAre there any registration fees or subscription fees or annual fees etc?
ANope, never.
QWhat is the minimum order?
AThere is none. However a flat shipping charge is applied, so economically the more you order the cheaper it gets. Free shipping is from 27,000 yen.
QHow long does delivery take?
ADelivery times are not guaranteed but 95% of the times all item are delivered on time. If you place the order by 12:00 AM sharp your order will go out on the same day. If you live on the main island you will receive your order the next day. Depending on your location and items you have ordered a delivery might take up to 3 days. If it takes more than that we will contact you right away to let you know.
As per policy of Yamato and Sagawa please note that the delivery time-frames for B2B orders (eg. 8:00 to 12:00 or 14:00-16:00) are not guaranteed and sometimes not followed.
QI need a special item, can you produce it for me?
AYes we do, please contact us. The minimum processing lot size is 50kg.
QI have another question.
ASure, please contact us.

Register Business / Create Wholesale Account


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