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We supply our products at special prices (wholesale prices) only for business-members. For business-membership, we need to verify your business.
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  • For Business-Membership, we need to verify your business. Please fill up the Application Form.
  • Getting a Business-Membership is FREE
  • After applying, verification will be completed withing 24 hours usually. Once you are verified, we will contact you via e-mail.
  • If we cannot verify your business, we will contact you via e-mail. Please reply to the e-mail.
  • Both corporations and sole proprietorship can apply.
  • Business-Membership is only for customers who own restaurants, eateries, food trucks, catering services, and etc. that process or cook our products. For the retail stores, the price will be the normal.


  • When you sign up, you will receive 1,000 points.
  • As Business-Members, you will receive 1 point per 100yen from your order. The points can be used for your next order. 1 point = 1 Yen
  • The points expire in 1 year.
  • Due to the system, it takes about 1-3days untill you get the points after your purchase.

Shipping Fee

  • Honshu・Shikoku 980 Yen
  • Kyushu・Hokkaido 1,150 Yen
  • Okinawa 1,750 Yen
  • FREE SHIPPING with 27,000yen purchase.(It has to be 1 place of delivery)
    ※Okinawa and other remote islands have to pay the reduced shipping fee (We subtract 1,150yen from standard shipping fee)
  • Shipping Fee can change based on how many deliveries there are. Please check the order page for more details.
  • When your order has two different temperature products(frozen, chilled, dried) combined, the frozen products will be priortized for shipping(It will be frozen shipping).
  • When you order a product that says "Free Shipping" and other product that does not say "Free Shipping", the shipping will still be free as long as it is combined in one delivery.
  • When your order has multiple different temperature products combined, normally it will be frozen shipping due to frozen products being priortized. However, it sometimes changes to chilled shipping depending on combination of the products you order.
    ※There are some products that cannot be combined with frozen products.

Payment Methods

1.Credit Card
Total amount of Payment = Products+Shipping Fee
2.COD - Cash or Credit Card on Delivery
Total amount of Payment = Products+Shipping Fee+Processing Fee(330yen Tax included)
3.Bank Transfer - Pre-payment
Total amount of Payment = Products+Shipping Fee+Bank Transfer Fee
※If the person who orders and the bank account that transfers money are different, please let us know.
※We will inform you about Transfer Destination Account and Total amount of Payment via e-mail.
4.Post Office Bank Transfer - Pre-payment
Total amount of Payment = Products+Shipping Fee+Bank Transfer Fee
※If the person who orders and the payer are different, please let us know.
※We will inform you about Transfer Destination Account and Total amount of Payment via e-mail.
5.Convenience Store Payment
Total amount of Payment = Products+Shipping Fee+Settlement Fee(330yen Tax included)

Shipment Time

  • If you order by 12:00pm, we ship the products in the same day(when we have them in stock). If not in stock, it could take a while until shipping. If the delivery cannot make it in time, we will contact you via e-mail. Contact us for any questions about your order.
  • In busy seasons such as Obon holidays and Christmas, it takes more time to ship. Please make sure to order ahead of time.
  • If a product in your order is out of stock, we normally ship all the products in your order after the product comes in stock.
  • For Bank Transfer Payment and Post Office Bank Transfer Payment, we will ship your order after transfer payment is confirmed.
  • Disclaimer: Due to natural disaster, the climate, traffic, stock, and etc. shipment could delay sometimes.


  • You can specify the delivery date within 28 days.
    ※Products with short expiration date will be delivered within our specific days.
  • The courier is either Sagawa Express, Yamato Transport, Japan Post, or other company (depending on the location). The courier cannot be selected.
  • After shipment confirmation, we will give you the tracking number via e-mail. Any questuions about delivery, please use the tracking number on the courier
  • For your safety, the products cannot be delivered to delivery box (takuhai box) regardless of the season.

Returns and Exchanges

  • We do not accept any returns or exchanges except for special cases.
  • If there is any damage on products, or the quantity is different from the order, please contact us from Inquiry Form. For returns or exchange, the products must be unopened within 14 days after delivery.
    ※Even if it is within 14 days, the product that is opened or damaged by the way you handle cannot be retuned or exchanged.
  • For returns or exchange, the product must be returned first.
  • If the product is out of stock when you request exchange, we will give you a refund.

For other questions about Business-Membership, please contact us from Inquiry Form.

Posting Review

  • After you sign in, you can post reviews of products you purchased in the past through "Write Product Review".
  • You will receive 50 points per review. You can post 1 review for 1 product.
  • You can receive up to 250 points (5 products) in a day.
  • Due to the system, you won't receive points for review if you post before the products are delivered.
  • Each review will be checked and approved by our staffs before being posted. If the review is not relevant or doesn't meat the criteria, we will not approve it. If it's disapproved, you will NOT receive points.
  • The review is very important information for other customers to judge if the product could be what they seek. To keep quality and accuracy, we will NOT approve posts like following.
    ・Reviews that contain inappropriate language.
    ・Reviews that contain an irrelevant topic.
    ・Reviews that aim to spam or advertise/promote other business.
    ・Reviews that are too short without any contents.
    ・Reviews that are copied and pasted from other customers.
    ・Reviews that contain false information.
    ・Reviews that contain copyright infringement.
  • The reviews usually will be checked within 3 business days.
  • If you would like to edit your review, select the product from "Product Review List" on My Account page.
  • We won't answer questions/requests via review posts.
  • For questions/requests/inquiries that need response, please use Inquiry Form.

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