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OUTLET's Review

【※EXPIRY:2024/8/29 cannot select delivery date】 Sliced White Cheese From Turkey "Beyaz Peynir" (420g)
Fresh feta cheese cannot be beat for a creamy salty addition to a salad. Good pricing and after delivery devoured within the same day.
【※EXPIRY:2024/8/1 cannot select delivery date】 【Domestic Brand Chicken】(Kinsou-Dori) Ground Chicken 500g
We use chicken mince all the time!
You can use this as a substitute for any recipe that calls for beef or pork mince - its healthier and cheaper and super tasty! a win - win.
【※EXPIRY:2024/08/27 cannot select delivery date】 (Crumbed Sausage) Italian Sausage Pizza Topping (100g)
My FAV pizza topping!
This is soooooo yummy! I use it as a pizza topping along with mushrooms and cheese and its better than any store bought pizza for sure! next time I want to try using it in a breakfast bake of some sort!
【※EXPIRY:2024/8/1 cannot select delivery date】【Domestic Brand】KINSOU-DORI Pre-Cooked Whole Roast Chicken 1kg (4-5 People!)
Always keep on as back up!
Some friends are coming to dinner at the last second without warning> No problem! Keep on of then in the freezer in case. Unfreeze the chicken in water in a fast and easy way! Your guest will be delighted!
【※EXPIRY:2024/08/27 cannot select delivery date】 (Crumbed Sausage) Italian Sausage Pizza Topping (100g)
Excellent, hard to find product
I've tried for many years to find Italian sausage in Tokyo without success. This product, while cooked fills the bill in many recipes. I'll continue to look for a recipe for turning pork sausage into Italian sausage.

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