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Vegetables & Fruits

We have best Vegetables for meat, and best Fruits for dessert!

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Vegetables & Fruits's FAQ

  • Q Are the Vegetables and Fruits pesticide-free?
    A If it doesn't say specifically, there is a possibility that pesticide could be used. If it is pesticide-free, we mention on product page.

Vegetables & Fruits's Review

Curly Fries (500g)
Perfect side for my husband and I
We love meat guy curly fries, they just taste better than any other fries out there. Sometimes we are greedy and eat a whole pack between us haha but its really too much.
Frozen Wild Blueberries(1kg)
Great for smoothies
These are small blueberries. I love how they’re wild and organic. I use them for smoothies and they taste great.
Frozen Wild Blueberries(1kg)
Family Treat
My family enjoyed these frozen blueberries for smoothies and in nice cream made with bananas. Really glad to have a tasty source of antioxidants and fiber.
Cranberry Sauce (397g)
Really hope this continues to come back for sale, its great with chicken or turkey!
Frozen Raspberries(1kg)
Raspberries cand be hard to find in Japan - God sent!!
I love these in smoothies ot just smashed in ice cream or in smashed in lemonade. A bit on the pricy side but very tasty

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