Grass-fed Beef

Grass-fed Beef

Our representative product, Grass-Feds are here! The cattle who can graze around in the Natural Environment and only get fed with Grass. They are called "Grass-Fed Beef". Their meat has a lot of Lean which allows you to enjoy the actual taste and aroma of meat.

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Grass-fed Beef's FAQ

  • Q Are they Antibiotic-Free / Hormone-Free / Vaccine-Free?
    A They are usually raised without any Antibiotics, Hormones, or Vaccines. For Grass-Fed Beef from Australia, antibiotics are only sometimes used on some cows due to their health condition. Even if they are used, cattle will have to go through washout period then get exported to Japan. Even after arriving in Japan, they go through strict inspections to check if there is any residue of medicines then finally get shipped to our company.
  • Q Do they eat any GMOs?
    A No, they don't. Genetically Modified Organism is usually used for Grain. However, Grass-Fed Beef eat only natural Grass, so they don't eat GMOs.
  • Q What is the Difference between Grass-Fed Beef and Normal Beef (Grain-Feds)?
    A They get to move around freely on a vast pasture which makes them less fatty and more lean. Also, the lean part is more thick and dense which you can feel the comfortable chewiness of lean part. Compared to Grain-Feds, Grass-Feds have more strong meaty flavor and aroma.

Grass-fed Beef's Review

Grass-Fed Beef Tenderloin Filet Off-cuts (250g)
Very tasty and tender
I bought three packages of these off-cuts on sale for a very reasonable price. We cooked 250 grams of these the other day in a skillet, with a simple salt and pepper rub. Absolutely delicious! Will buy again.
Grass-Fed "Nearly Instant" Uncooked Corned Beef (800g)
Pressure Cooker - Pics and Recipe
Got a pressure cooker? Got an hour? Then you have a delicious meal ready to go. Here is a picture and the recipe. Happy Eating! Stove Top Pressure Cooker Directions • Place corned beef in the pressure cooker. Cover beef with water. • If you want – add onions, potatoes, and or cabbage to the pot before cooking. • Place lid on pressure cooker. • Cook over high heat until it reaches high pressure. Lower flame and stabilize pressure. Cook for 40 minutes. • Stop flame. • Wait. • After the pressure releases, put the corned beef on a plate. • Wait. • Slice. • Eat.
Grass-Fed Beef Thick Flank Block (1kg)
Decided to cook this in cognac with onions, carrots and potatoes on low for 6 hours in my crock pot. Very delicious, with only 1 tablespoon of fat to be skimmed off. It's a meaty meat, so the cognac gravy was the perfect compliment to this cut's rough texture.
Grass-Fed "Nearly Instant" Uncooked Corned Beef (800g)
Beef brisket review
This meat was so delicious. We followed the Meat Guy’s instructions. The meat was tender and tasty. Will definitely buy again.
Grass-Fed Beef Burger Patties (100gx4)
Weird texture. Play-Doh-ish
Sorry to write this, but not my 'cup of tea'. There is something oddly 'chewy' and 'molded'/'Play-Doh-y' (for lack of a better word) to these burgers. It's like there is bread crumbs and gelatin holding the things together, so it came across sort of like eating a Play-Doh burger. Flavor was ok (not great; even my 13yr. old son agreed that it didn't really taste like a burger should); but could not get over the texture. Hoping this review can spark an improvement because I am usually very happy with the Meat Guy purchases!
Answer from the store 2024/03/22
We only use beef, starch, and salt for this product. But we will share this with our manufacturing team for better quality of products and improvement. We will try our best, thank you so much for the review and support.

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