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Original Items

Produced at The Meat Guy's own factory, The Meat Guy Original Products you can find ONLY HERE!

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Original Items's FAQ

  • Q Is there any Filler used for Grass-Fed Beef Hambuger?
    A We use a small amount of water but do not use any egg or bread crumb. You can taste full of meaty flavor.
  • Q How Big is Raw Sausage?
    A Each product is different. For 1pc=80g, Thickness is about 2~3cm in diameter, Length is about 10~12cm. We handmake them at our own factory, the size can vary slightly.
  • Q Is Wheat Flour used for Hamburger?
    A We do NOT use any Wheat for the Hamburger we make at our own factory. It is made with just Meat, Salt, and Spices.
  • Q How long does Raw Sausage last?
    A Being kept Frozen, it lasts about 3-6 months. Please check the date on the package lable. We don't use any preservative, please do eat within 2 days after thawing.
  • Q What is the Difference between English Sausage and Irish Sausage?
    A For English Sausage, we use Cloves and less Nutmeg with coarse/chunky ground meat. You can taste the strong meaty flavor and fresh herbs. For Irish Sausage, we use Onion powder and more Nutmeg with fine ground meat. It is softer than the other one and has mild taste.
  • Q Do you have Sausage with less Herbal taste that kids would like?
    A For Plain Sausage, we do not use much herbs which you can enjoy the actual meaty taste better. Both English/Irish Sausage have more mild taste compared to other products which kids would like.

Original Items's Review

Lamb Burger Patties (2pc)
Juicy and soft!
I cooked the pack of two lamg paddy slowly and they were amazing! I order a lot of lamb from The Meat Guy and I was never disappointed!
The Meat Guy Merguez Lamb Sausage - Spicy (7pc)
Love these Merguez Lamb Sausage
I love them in bread on their own or I also put them in to my Cassoulet. They have a nice amount of spice to add to the flovour with out overpowering it!!
Kangaroo Burger Patties (200g)
Yeah, Kangaroo in Japan!!
These are awesome!! I love making my own burgers and they are much tastier than a normal beef patty. I also love putting them in to Cassoulet to beef (or Kangaroo) up the flavour!! Meat guy don't stop selling these please!!
The Meat Guy Lamb Sausage - Herb Flavored (7pc)
Super tasty!
I fry these up and just eat them in bread with some tomato chutney (hey meat guy start stocking chutney) or I take the skins off and add then ion to a Cassoulet and they are divine!!
The Meat Guy Lamb Sausage - Herb Flavored (7pc)
Lack spices and hotness
I would say they are alright but they lack some more subtle spices and wouldn't hurt to have them a little hotter.

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