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Steaks's FAQ

  • Q Are they Grass-Fed Beef Steaks?
    A We have Grass-Feds and Grain-Feds (Corn-Feds). If the product has "Grass-Fed" in its name. If it doesn't it is not Grass-Fed. Check the product page.
  • Q When it says "Australia or New Zealand" as Country of Origin, can I choose the country?
    A If it has multiple countries, you cannot choose. When they are imported, the Countries of Origin are mixed which is why you cannot choose. Thank you for understanding.
  • Q Can I request the size of each Cut?
    A Unfortunately, we cannot change the size due to manufacturing reason. We only have the sizes that are being sold.

Steaks's Review

Grass-Fed Beef Ribeye Steak (270g)
Amazing quality
Wow these exceeded my expectations and I was lucky enough to get them on sale too! Will be ordering again
New Zealand Grass-Fed Beef Strip Steak(270g)
As usual, I have nothing bad to say about anything I review on meatguy. Everything here is always top quality and this is no exception. Thank you for bringing NZ beef to Japan!
Grass-Fed Beef Striploin/Sirloin Steak 220g
Always good
These steaks are great for either BBQ or pan fry. The Meat Guy communication about the order is always helpful and shipping is quick. Couldn't be happier.
Grass-Fed Beef Striploin/Sirloin Steak 270g
Excellent steak
This steak is always a favorite of mine from the Meat Guy. Juicy and tender, just what i wanted for the BBQ!
Pork Chop (150g)
Wow, so easy to cook!
We used these pork chops with a shake and bake type coating and they turned out perfectly! and took barely any time at all to prepare or cook. Great for lazy dinner nights!

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