Sometimes you don't feel like cooking. We got you! How about these Pre-Cooked products? Some of them, you don't even have to heat!

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Pre-cooked's FAQ

  • Q Are All Products in this Category Pre-Cooked?
    A Some of them are not heated but marinated raw. For details, check product page.

Pre-cooked's Review

Brought it at the Hotel
I brought the duck at the hotel APA in Niigata and made a platter of meat with good red wine. Natsukashi!
Pizza Pepperoni Slices (1kg)
Don't like the stuff from Denmark
This is good pepperoni when it's made in the USA and worth the price. Recently Meat Guy switched to a pepperoni that's made in Denmark. The seasoning is different and it's too spicy. It's not pepperoni. It's more like salami that looks like pepperoni. I really hope that Meat Guy goes back to the pepperoni they used to sell. Now it's a bit confusing because the details list the country of origin as USA, but the label in the picture says Denmark. So which is it?
Answer from the store 2024/05/21
Thank you for the review. We couldn't import the pepperoni made in the U.S. for a while which we had to switch to the pepperoni made in Denmark instead. But we have that pepperoni made in the U.S. now, which we changed the product page back to original as well.
Iberico Salchichon slices 100g
Nice Spanish cured sausage, good meaty flavour
We bought these as an add-on to a larger order and had them as a weekend treat with some wine. Good meaty flavor although I probably prefer chorizo overall. I guess they might also be good on pizza (am I allowed to say that about *Spanish* sausage not Italian? :) ).
Smoked Turkey Breast Slices (500g)
Good for sandwiches
We have ordered this a couple of times now, but it is great for sandwiches. It disappears very quickly as it is so delicious.
(Crumbed Sausage) Italian Sausage Pizza Topping (1kg)
So worth it!
We bought this for the first time and absolutely love it! We will be ordering this regularly for our pizzas!

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