Meal Kits

Meal Kits

You can make The Meat Guy's Original Recipes with Meal Kit. We also have Meal Kit for Uncommon Recipes.

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6 Items

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Meal Kits's FAQ

  • Q Does it come with Recipe Paper?
    A We have Recipes on product page. Check them out and cook!
  • Q Do you have Recipe Videos?
    A We post Recipe Videos on YouTube. You can see them on product page. Check them out!

Meal Kits's Review

The Meat Guy's Original Stuffing Mix (1PC)
This stuffing mix reminds me of Thanksgiving meals in America!
Roast Chicken Kit - All You Need for The Perfect Chicken!
Sadia chicken; overpriced;
I can buy the same product at my local wholesale grocery shop for 980jpy. I was expecting something much higher quality since the price was so high. Instead it was a Sadia roast chicken . Extremely disappointed. This should have been disclosed on the website instead of pretending it was something much better. Even at 50% discount at 1500jpy, this is still way over priced for the quality.
Double Bacon Burger Set - For 4 Burgers
Reallllly goooodddd
These burgers are soooo gooooddddd. The meat is juicy and we loved the buns too. The bacon was good and we ended up have some left over for breakfast. The BBQ sauce was too spicy for me but my partner loved it.
Kinsou Dori Buffalo Chicken Drumsticks Set(1kg)
Impressive amount!
I ordered this so that I can enjoy my New Year’s Day by having a nice fry with my partner and I. I couldn’t believe I got so many drums! No less than 14! And they were big! Impressive! Another staple in my order!
Kinsou Dori Buffalo Chicken Drumsticks Set(1kg)
These were great- easy to fry up. The sauce was delicious- spicy but not so hot you can't taste it.

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