Patties & Meat Balls

Patties & Meat Balls

We have mainly Hamburger Meat that we make at our own factory. From 100% Ground Beef to Uncommon Ground Meat! Enjoy the meaty flavor of our Hamburger/Ground Meat.

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14 Items

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Patties & Meat Balls's FAQ

  • Q Is there any Filler used for Grass-Fed Beef Hambuger?
    A We use a small amount of water but do not use any egg or bread crumb. You can taste full of meaty flavor.
  • Q Is Wheat Flour used for Hamburger?
    A We do NOT use any Wheat for the Hamburger we make at our own factory. It is made with just Meat, Salt, and Spices.

Patties & Meat Balls's Review

Kangaroo Burger Patties (200g)
Yeah, Kangaroo in Japan!!
These are awesome!! I love making my own burgers and they are much tastier than a normal beef patty. I also love putting them in to Cassoulet to beef (or Kangaroo) up the flavour!! Meat guy don't stop selling these please!!
Kangaroo Burger Patties (200g)
My first time!
Wow! my first time cooking and eating kangaroo! Delicieux and low fat! Fantastic!
Meat Balls (250g)
Delicious and simple
I love meatballs, and sometimes make them myself, but that is tiresome and the result varies. The Meat Guy meatballs are simple and absolutely delicious. Cook them up and eat them with pasta or any other dish and they are fantastic. I order them every time.
(Crumbed Sausage) Italian Sausage Pizza Topping (100g)
Excellent, hard to find product
I've tried for many years to find Italian sausage in Tokyo without success. This product, while cooked fills the bill in many recipes. I'll continue to look for a recipe for turning pork sausage into Italian sausage.
(Crumbed Sausage) Italian Sausage Pizza Topping (1kg)
So worth it!
We bought this for the first time and absolutely love it! We will be ordering this regularly for our pizzas!

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