Don't worry anymore! Thawing Methods for Frozen Meats

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To enjoy meats in the best quality, thawing takes a big part!Cooking meats starts from thawing.Just by caring how you thaw, ordinary recipes get way better.

Basic of Thawing Frozen Products

Important Points

Thaw slowly at low temperature. By doing so, meat doesn't lose much juice and keeps the good quality. If you soak meat in water/hot water to thaw fast when you're in a hurry, it will lose its juice which means it loses its good flavor and quality. Also, if thawed in room temperature, the surface-temperature rises which causes bacteria to spread. So, do NOT do that.

Tips to Thaw Delish! Recommended Thawing Methods


It's a bit tedious, but we recommend the most! Double-bag meat and soak in iced-water. Keep adding ice till it gets thawed completely. Approx. 2 hr. per kg.(It's just approx. it may vary on each product) This is the fastest way while keeping the surface-temperature low! If it's around -2℃, meat keeps fresh after thawing.


It takes time, but this one can keep the flavor and quality of meat. Double-bag or put meat in a container so the blood/juice of meat doesn't get on other food. Approx. 4 hours per kg. BUT it may vary depending on the environment. It keeps the temperature-gap between surface and inside small when being thawed. This method can keep the juice of meat the most.

Don'ts! Bad Thawing Methods

With the methods listed below, you can thaw fast BUT they affect the flavor and quality of meat. We do NOT recommend them.

Room Temperature:Due to a sudden change in temperature, flavor and quality go down. Also, it could cause bacteria to spread.

Microwave:Due to a sudden change in temperature, flavor and quality go down. Also, it won't thaw evenly.

Running Water:The temeperature of meat rises which cause it to lose its freshness fast.

Hot Water:The gap between temperatures of surface and inside gets bigger, which causes it to lose juice. Sometimes, the surface thaws well while inside doesn't thaw well.

Q&A about Thawing Meats

Q1. How much should I thaw?

A1.The best is just before it's completely thawed! When completely thawed, the meat that has been frozen once will lose more juice than when it's chilled. So, just right before the juice will come out is the best for cooking meat♪ Touch the meat when thawing to see how much further you need to thaw.

Q2. Is it ok to start cooking right after thawing?

A2.Wait a minute!If you heat meat right after thawing, the temperature-gap between meat and the heat will be wide, which makes meat tough. Once you finish thawing, sit it in room temperature for 5 min. then finally start cooking. It will be tender and delicious♪

Thawing Method for Each Type

The Meat Guy Original Raw Sausages

  • Double-bag the sausage while it's in package, leave it in fridge for 4 hours.
  • Double-bag the sausage while it's in package, put it in a bowl filled with water. It'll take about 10min. to thaw.

A Big Block of Meat/ Whole Hog

Same as other frozen meat, low and slow. Do NOT do in room temperature! Double-bag the meat and thaw with iced-water to avoid surface temperature rising. If you have a professional-use fridge, thaw it in there. If none of these options is available, put plenty of ice bags in a styrofoam box and keep the temperature low(change the ice bags multiple times). All of these will take 2-3 days to thaw.

Whole Turkey/Chicken

Same as a big block of meat.
Thawing time varies depending on the size of turkey.
(These are just approx. time, it may vary depending on the environment.)

2~3kg:2 days or more

3~5kg:2.5-3 days

5~7kg:3.5 days or more

7kg~:4-5 days

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