(Free Shipping) Limited to Our First-Time Buyers Only! 7 Of Our Most Popular Items Packed Into One Trial Set!

(Free Shipping) Limited to Our First-Time Buyers Only! 7 Of Our Most Popular Items Packed Into One Trial Set!
Contents about 2480g
unit price ¥281 / per 100g
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PACKAGING AND HANDLING Keep Frozen at -18 degrees C

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Egg Milk Wheat Nut Buckwheat Shrimp Crab
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This is for our first-time buyers! It’s great to have you onboard! Welcome to The Meat Guy family. We have a special set prepared just for you to get your feet wet. This set contains 7 of our most popular items that would usually total to about 10,000 Yen! With this first-time trial set, get all 7 of these items at a discount for only 6,980 Yen and free shipping! Please be advised that this is for first time buyers only! If you were to have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us! 

Grass-fed Beef, the Beef that The Meat Guy recommends with confidence.

Comparing grass-fed beef, beef that was raised on a grass only diet, to the famous wagyu, grass-fed beef produces less marbling but much more red meat. Less marbling equals a lot of good qualities. Not only is it healthier for you, but the flavor is also quite delicious! Many of our customers feel grass-fed beef is superior.

Juicy Lamb Meat From New Zealand

The number one exported lamb meat from New Zealand is no other than Wakanui Spring Lamb. Wakanui Spring lamb are born in the spring in New Zealand,. From Spring to the begining of Summer, this is the time where the lamb meat's nutritional value is at its peak! Being raised on pasture grass, the meat also reaches its peak deliciousness a few months later. For those who can't get past the pungent aroma of lamb meat, we urge you to give this a try!

These are Meat Guy original products. These are products made with love that you can only get here!

Made in our very own in-house production facility, we posses the capacity for a plethora of original Meat Guy products! All of our original products are free of additives and sugar as we are conscious of the health of our customers when producing our meat. Every Meat Guy product is crafted one by onepacked with love!

Domestic Brand Chicken Combining Freshness with Flavor and Deliciousness

Right here in Aichi-ken comes the safe and ethical kinsou-dori chicken brand. This chicken is produced naturally without harmful products such as antibiotics etc. Kinsou-Dori is the chicken meat absent of weird smells yet packed with protein and flavor.

Recipes using the trial set products

Easy and simple meat recipes using our trial set! Even beginners can do it!


Review of this item

Positively surprised

Krisztina 12/4/2021
Listen. Nobody told me the duck breast is Hungarian. As a Hungarian person I got so excited, I've been jumping around like a madwoman.
I live in a small town, so it's difficult to find quality meat that does not cost a fortune. This was the perfect set for the holidays.
Very quick delivery, 10/10 products. I am so happy right now. Thank you so much!


春霞 9/15/2021


JQK 7/16/2021



mh 1/28/2021
色々ありすぎて選べないgrass fed beef を手始めに試すには、とこちらを注文しました。牛肉はもちろん、鶏むね肉もソーセージも、羊もスパイスも全部美味しかったです!思ったよりカサも無く、大人二人子供二人で三日ほどで完食しました。


110 1/7/2021


05 12/16/2020


ノブ 8/22/2020

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