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An Opposite Effect Not Eating Meat!? A New Diet that Overturns Common Sense

An Opposite Effect Not Eating Meat!? A New Diet that Overturns Common Sense

Not Consuming Meat while Trying to Lose Weight Can Have an Opposite Effect!

Many people have the image that eating meat = gaining weight. Therefore, people avoid meat while on a diet. But thats not entirely true.  Of course, if you eat a lot, it will lead to weight increase and fatty parts of the meat is not great for our body, but if you choose the right meat cut and cooking method, meat can be your best friend while on diet. On the contrary, suddenly cutting meat from your diet can actually lead to weight gain!  Today we’ll be introducing the benefits of consuming meat and losing weight.

  1. Good Source of Protein

    Protein, made of up of amino acids, are important nutrients.  They are the basic building blocks of our bodies. Our muscles, skin, finger nails, and hair are all made from protein.

    The reason why it’s said that protein is important while losing weight is because it helps to increase our metabolism. As we age, our activity level decreases and muscles become weaker. Therefore, our metabolism decreases as well. With a slow metobalism, we’re more likely to gain weight. Muscle mass and our metabolisms work together. 

    Next is about the “specific dynamic action”, also known as the “diet induced thermogenesis”. When we eat food, we feel that our body becomes warmer but this is because as nutrients are released as body heat. This thermic effect of food is one of the components of the metabolism. Among the three major nutrients – carbs, protein and fat, protein has a much larger thermic effect.

  2. Fat Burning L-Carnitine

    L-carnitine can be found in most of meat, but it contains the most in lamb. L-carnitine is an amino acid and it plays an important role in transporting fatty acids into mitochondria (the powerhouse of the cell ;) ), to be  converted into energy which also has a fat burning effect. 
  3. Rich Source of Vitamin B

    Among vitamins, vitamin B in particular is closely related to carbohydrates, proteins and fat. Vitamin B1, vitamin B2, and vitamin B6 play an important role for maintaining a high metabolism. If these vitamins are not  consumed enough, nutrients cannot be converted into energy and thus will cause fat to accumulate. 

Much More Effective than Chicken! 

When we talk about low-fat and high protein, chicken is our hero. But during the process of losing weight, eating the same thing over and over gets boring. When thinking about the nutrients, it’s better to eat different kinds of meat and is great for weight-loss as well. We’ll be introducing 3 different types of meat (other than chicken) we recommend for weight-loss.

  1. Lamb Meat

    As mentioned previously, L-carnitine can be found in most of meat, but it is most found in lamb. Per 100g meat, the amount of carnitine in beef (rump) is about 130.7mg and mutton records a high of 208.9mg. The smell or gamey taste might be a challenge for some people but depending on the seasoning and cooking methods, lamb, with its unique flavors can be enjoyed to the fullest..
  2. Kangaroo Meat

    Steak is good but, hamburgers and meat balls etc tend to get boring when eaten over and over. Kangaroo switches that up. Kangaroo meat has a savory taste, is low in fat and the most of kangaroo is red meat so it’s easy to chew. If you want to go all out for high protein, we definitely recommend kangaroo meat over chicken.
  3. Ostrich Meat

    Ostrich meat is also low-fat, low-calorie and high in protein. The meat tastes like beef, is soft and less gamey. Chicken thigh has 4.8g of fat for every 100g but ostrich only has 2.5g which is about half of chicken. While losing weight and increasing muscles, ideally, we would like to consume little fat and high amounts of protein. Ostrich is a dream come true.

Differences Depending on the Cut! Choosing Meat by Calculating Backwards

Even though it’s the same type of meat, depending on the cut, the amount of calories and nutrients are different. People who are currently on a diet now, have their own goals. Its best to try to choose a meat based on those goals.

  1. Filet cut for Those Who Want to Exercise

    Excercising personFilet is an iliopsoas muscle, and for beef, the filet is located in the inner side of the loin. Alongside the loin, the filet is an expensive cut, but has less fat. Filet meat contains a lot of the vitamin called pantothenic acid. Pantothenic acid is a vitamin that is involved in the function of making hormones, and also plays a part in maintaining skin health. If that vitamin is insufficient, it can cause headaches and fatigue. 
  2. Thighs for Those Who Want an Increase in Metabolism

    Increase musclesThe characteristic of the thigh muscle is that it’s low-in-fat. The fat contained in most meat is typically known as  “saturated fat” and when consuming too much, it can lead to lifestyle diseases and obesity. We recommend the thigh for those want to take-in less fat as possible, and increase muscle by protein.
  3. Shoulder Meat for Those Who want Beautiful Skin

    A girl with glowing skinThe characteristics of shoulder meat is same as the thigh – low in fat and high in protein. However, shoulder meat contains more zinc. Zinc helps to speed up the metabolism. This is our main reasoning for recommending shoulder meat. Healthy skin relies on zinc to flourish. With high amounts of zinc, you'll start to notice its anti aging properties! 

While on a diet, we mostly think about the calories. But if you don’t consume a good amount of protein, the muscles weaken and it’s more difficult to lose weight.
Other than protein, carnitine plays an important role to burn fat, and there are many vitamins in the meat. Meat is an essential part of our diet to get more effect.

Yumi Katamura
Registered dietitian.

10 years’ experience as a registered dietitian at a general hospital. Yumi Katamura holds classes, writes and supervises internet content about health. Yumi is passionate about sharing her knowledge from kids to elders about the importance of nutrients in food.


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