The Meat Guy English Sausage (5pc)

The Meat Guy English Sausage (5pc)
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Our very British sausage is made with a large portion of high quality pork meat and traditional seasoning.(Frozen)

SKU S003
CONTENTS 400.00g
UNIT PRICE ¥316 / per 1pc
Raw material origin Canada (pork)
RAW MATERIALS pork thigh, pork fat, pork casing, potato starch, salt, spices
PACKAGING AND HANDLING Keep Frozen at -18 degrees C
Allergens contained in this product (7 specified raw materials)
Egg Milk Wheat Nut Buckwheat Shrimp Crab
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We hand make these sausages ourselves and are sure you will love them.

These are traditional English flavor, we don't really know what that means, but they seem to be very well received by Brits, Welsh, Aussies, Europeans, and people outside of Europe.

Serving Suggestion

The most popular way is the English way: "The Full Breakfast": A full breakfast is a breakfast meal, usually consisting of bacon, sausages, and eggs, often served with a variety of side dishes and a beverage such as tea.

Another way to serve is a BBQ: Throw them on the grill, put them into our hot dog bread, add our Original BBQ sauce, serve! (See related items below)

In Depth

Because size does make a difference! Our sausages are handmade and our biggest sausages weigh 80g each. The commonly available "sausage" in almost all Japanese supermarkets are nothing more than a small-bite snack. Our sausage packs contain 5 sausages (400g), some 7 (385g) or 8 (240g) sausages depending on the type.

Fresher than our sausages is impossible unless you start stuffing living cows and pigs into casings. Our sausages are processed from the beginning. We take fresh (never frozen) meat, grind it, add natural fresh spices and stuff it into either pork or lamb casings, vacuum pack them and freeze them immediately. Our sausages are not pre-heated or pre-cooked; hence, you need to cook the sausages before eating - but that is very easy and absolutely worth it. Once you go fresh raw meat sausages you will never go back. 

All the spices we add are 100% natural spices only and most spices are even ground at our processing plant just shortly before we produce our sausages which adds extra freshness. Please make sure to cook these immediately after thawing. The only way to preserve our sausages up to a whole year is by keeping them frozen.



The thawing time depends on many factors such as size, weight, packaging, and type of meat. Please refer to our thawing chart ≫here≪

(per 100g)

Calories 381kcal
Protein 15.8g
Total fat 32.3g
Total carbohydrate 2.4g
Sodium 1.7g
  • Classic British-style sausages
    Gender: Male
    These are straightforward British-style sausages, and taste like a normal UK supermarket brand (decent quality, not the cheap ones). We cook them baked in a Pyrex dish or fried in a closed pan, because we don't want to mess the grill up too much, but that's not to say they produce an unusual amount of fat (they seem to be good quality)
  • Perfect with breakfast
    I enjoy these with a traditional English breakfast, as it reminds me of my time in London.
  • Exactly what I was looking for
    Gender: Male
    Age: Over 60
    Excellent. A perfect breakfast fry up followed the delivery!
  • Mild & Juicy
    Gender: Male
    These have a mild, classic flavor and are great if you don’t like spicy things. They’re also really juicy, very nice for a traditional English breakfast.
  • English sausages
    Gender: Female
    Age: Over 60
    These sausages are the tastiest sausages. We have them cooked in onion and gravy, fried or bbq’d. They are big juicy sausages and won’t disappoint.
  • Homemade style
    Gender: Male
    Age: 40 - 49
    My favourite sausages here. They have the “arabiki” texture of proper homemade British sausages. Excellent for breakfast, bangers and mash, or with as part of a roast dinner.
  • Best Sausages
    The best sausages I have found in Japan.
  • Upgrade your breakfast
    I recently had the pleasure of trying The Meat Guy's English Sausage (5pc), and I was thoroughly impressed! These sausages are a game-changer for any breakfast or brunch spread. They're packed with flavor, have the perfect blend of spices, and cook up beautifully with a nice, crispy exterior and juicy inside.
  • Best that I've found
    Gender: Male
    Some say that they are over spiced. I don't think so. I pick them up any time they go on sale. I haven't found anything better in Japan.
  • Very Much English!
    Gender: Male
    Age: 50 - 59
    Delicious, jucy and decent size English sausages that will make you feel back home if you are from England!
  • Sausages
    Gender: Male
    Excellent with the Christmas roast - daughters said it reminded them of home in London.
  • Absolutely Excellent!
    Gender: Male
    Age: 50 - 59
    Really excellent sausages, just the right balance of herbs and sausage.
  • Tasty
    Gender: Male
    Great for use in many recipes, it is easy to get creative with this sausage!
  • Nice and juicy
    Gender: Male
    Age: 40 - 49
    As the title suggests, nice and juicy! Great with some mustard and ketchup in a crunchy roll.
  • English breakfast
    Perfect for a morning wolf.
  • Grits & Sausage!!!
    My favorite sausage to cut up into grits after grilling. Add one egg and cheese for the perfect weekend breakfast!!
  • No my favorite
    These were actually too rich for my taste. It was not the blend of spices, I like spices. Maybe it was too salty. You can only eat one so I guess that’s a good thing.
  • An excellent sausage!
    It’s not a typical British sausage, but an excellent sausage nonetheless.
  • 本当においしいソーセージ!!
  • Finally, proper sausages in Japan!
    For years I put up with the plastic imitations of American imitations of smoky German wieners that pass for ‘sausages’ in Japan. Then they started importing those awful Johnsonville things. And then!! I found The Meat Guy! So far we’ve tried all of their sausages and they are all fantastic. The English sausages really do take me home, and they make for an authentic bangers and mash. Can’t get enough of them, and I recommend to all my friends :)
  • やみつきに!
  • Just Okay
    As an Englishman these sausages unfortunately didn’t hit the spot. Too many herbs, wrong sausage texture more like a hot dog.
    They’re an okay sausage but the closest English Sausage I’ve found in Japan is from Gyomu Supa
    Good try but not an English sausage
  • このお店は当たりです
  • I can’t find anything better on my island.
    We all know it’s pretty hard to find good sausages and these are the closest thing to the real deal. Some say “too much aromatics”. I say, “better than not enough”.
  • These are sooooo good!
    These sausages are soooo good! They are big! They taste divine! They are eaten quickly!
  • 英国が懐かしい
  • Very nice
    A great choice. I enjoyed them very much.
  • 高級版 イングリッシュソーセージ
  • Quite tasty
    It’s a tasty sausage but not an English breakfast one. It’s a little herbier than I’m used to and honestly not fatty enough. Great with mashed potatoes for dinner though.
    Yet again, I’m Scottish, so I wouldn’t know flavour if it came and bit me in the hind. Very tasty, but couldn’t call it a breakfast sausage.
  • おいしかった
  • Delicious
    I’m from America so as far as English Sausage goes I wouldn’t know shit from shampoo but these shitz are delicious!
  • Simply the Best
    I've traveled the world and though these are not served in England... they are close enough that I want some hot tea and bread to enjoy these with.
  • 香辛料の好みが分かれるかもしれません
  • イギリスソーセージ!
  • 外国の香料が...
  • Good, but too much herb
    At first I thought I had just ordered the wrong kind of sausage, but I was surprised to find that my opinion is similar to others here. The flavor is just too strongly herbaceous and one-note - rosemary? Anyway, I'm a huge fan of the products here generally and will find a different one that is more to my taste.
  • Too herby
    As an Englishman, like some of these other reviewers, I found them a little too herby, not like a British banger. Nice texture and size though!
  • Good size, but wrong taste.
    Dispatch and delivery was very fast. The size of the sausages are huge compared to regular English sausages but also much bigger than the tiny ones you get at Japanese supermarkets. The taste of the sausages isn't the right taste, it's close, but not the right taste, it's a little too herby. The texture is also quite tough and the casing does not crisp up the way you want them too. Nevertheless, if you want real sausages instead of tiny Japanese frankfurters, buy from here!
  • Great
    Loved them
  • おなかいっぱいになります
  • Excellent
    I really love these! A very fresh, meaty taste. These will become a staple for my carnivorous diet!
  • Great quality, not so Great Britain
    My order came right before dinner, so I was eager to break into the sausages. I was really happy with the quality of the sausages, but the flavour was a little off. It's unlike anything I've had before, a little too aromatic? Maybe its one of the herbs they've used, but it wasn't really what I was expecting for a "british sausage", so I was slightly disappointed. So if you're looking for something you'd pick up back home from your local supermarket, this might not be for you. That being said, it will definitely fill that sausage void all Brits have here in Japan. (pardon the pun, if there is one)
  • -
    Brilliant sausages, and very English. I was extremely happy to find these when I got to Japan. Sausages don't get much better, and I've tried the best of the best in England.
  • -
    Great sausages, excellent quality and large size. I only gave this four stars instead of five because I tried the Irish sausages first and liked them better. If I had tried these first, I probably would have given them five. Compared to the Irish sausages, the English are more mild in their herbal flavor and I noticed slightly more grease. These are fantastic in their own right, but if your stomach is more sensitive to oily foods in the morning, I recommend the Irish sausages for breakfast.
  • シンプルな塩味、ボリューム十分


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