Pizza Pepperoni Slices (1kg)

Pizza Pepperoni Slices (1kg)
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Pork pizza pepperoni slices. Perfect for Pizza! (Frozen)


SKU H020
UNIT PRICE ¥382 / per 100g
Country of origin USA
RAW MATERIALS pork, salt, spices, dextrose, lactic acid starter culture, flavoring, oleoresin of paprika, sodium nitrine
PACKAGING AND HANDLING Keep Frozen at -18 degrees C
Allergens contained in this product (7 specified raw materials)
Egg Milk Wheat Nut Buckwheat Shrimp Crab
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Pepperoni Pizza Slices for any use. Just throw them on your next home-made pizza before cooking and add some mixed cheese (we have this too by the way...)
Everybody will love it!! 

Comes in a big 1kg pack. 

Each Pepperoni Slice is 4.5cm in diameter. These are the real deal!

※Note that this product is NOT completely vacuumed before purchasing.


The thawing time depends on many factors such as size, weight, packaging, and the type of meat. Please refer to our thawing chart ≫here≪

(per 100g)

Calories 488kcal
Protein 18.8g
Total fat 45.0g
Total carbohydrate 1.9g
Sodium 4.6g
  • Decent pepperoni
    Gender: Male
    Age: Over 60
    I make a lot of pizza and these are indispensable. They have good flavor but I wish they were a bit saltier. I'm happy that the Meat Guy carries these because finding pepperoni elsewhere in Japan is a real challenge.
  • Freeman
    Gender: Male
    Age: 50 - 59
    The pepperoni is a great product my customers love it on their pizzas. Thanking so much
  • Tasty
    This is my go-to meat for subs, pizza, etc. Great value!
  • Don't like the stuff from Denmark
    Gender: Male
    Age: 40 - 49
    This is good pepperoni when it's made in the USA and worth the price. Recently Meat Guy switched to a pepperoni that's made in Denmark. The seasoning is different and it's too spicy. It's not pepperoni. It's more like salami that looks like pepperoni. I really hope that Meat Guy goes back to the pepperoni they used to sell. Now it's a bit confusing because the details list the country of origin as USA, but the label in the picture says Denmark. So which is it?
    Answer from the store 2024/05/21
    Thank you for the review. We couldn't import the pepperoni made in the U.S. for a while which we had to switch to the pepperoni made in Denmark instead. But we have that pepperoni made in the U.S. now, which we changed the product page back to original as well.
  • Perfect and easy to use!
    Fantastic on top of homemade pizza!
  • For the perfect homemade slice!
    Gender: Male
    Age: Over 60
    If you’re in Japan and looking to make pizza at home this is THE source for your pepperoni! Having lived in Japan for 22 years I have NEVER found REAL pepperoni in ANY store.
    The pepperoni has the proper spice and fat content that pepperoni should have. On pizza, pizza bread or even mixed with other cold cuts on a sandwich, you’ll find nothing like it here. Thank you to ‘The Meat Guy’ for carrying this pepperoni!
  • Amazing
    I love these. I can't find real pepperoni in my part of Japan so I'm very grateful to be able to buy them from The Meat Guy. We use them on pizzas and sometimes we crisp them up and eat them as snacks. Yum either way!
  • Very Good.
    Gender: Male
    Age: Over 60
    A great addition to homemade pizza, pizza toast or even store-bought frozen pizza.
  • Excellent Pepperoni for Piza
    Gender: 男性
    These are exactly what you would get in the US. Never had a complaint about the taste. The pepperoni pizaa is my best seller in the bar.

  • Great
    The smaller size was sold out and so I went with these. Absolutely great although I do wish there was a size between 100g and 1kg.
  • The Missing Piece
    We make home-made pizza 2-3 times a month--actually five small ones that fit in our 1300W toaster oven. We make a pepperoni-and-sausage pizza with onion and green pepper, like I used to order in university in the US, and a pepperoni-based "Diavola" (chili, raw garlic, gorgonzola and pepperoni). If Meat Guy is sold out of this, we just can't make pizza until it's back. I haven't found anything comperable anywhere else in Japan.
  • Perfect for homemade pizza
    Bought 2 times so far for making pizza at home and 1kg lasts for a while. Only place in Japan where I've found a good amount for a good price, not even Costco can beat Meat Guy!
  • Best Pepperoni available in Japan!
    Pepperoni is hard to find in Japan. This is the best place in Japan to buy pepperoni! The pepperoni tastes great!!
  • Ok
  • Very good!
    Perfect for making pizza at home!
  • Fantastic!
    Very hard to find pepperoni in Japan. Delivery was fast and the pepperoni tastes great!
  • 間違いない味
  • ペパロニ評判良いです
  • Perfection
    This is real pepperoni, which is a unicorn in Japan (I wonder if my local restaurant, that serves pepperoni pizza busy from the Meat Guy, though). It's perfect for my Friday pizza and as a snack on crackers with cheese. I hope it stays in stock, because I will be buying it on the regular from now on. Thanks!
  • やっと見つけた!
  • Not just for pizza
    This pepperoni is of course great on pizza, but I also like it in sandwiches, whether defrosted and eaten "as is" or sauteed a bit and then put in the sandwich. Good in omelets or scrambled eggs, too, or try adding some the next time you make rösti.
  • -
    Thanks for having the only pepperoni on the island!
  • -
    We love getting the pepperoni since we can't find it anywhere in Tokyo.
    We love the pepperoni and fast service.
  • Real deal USA pepperoni
  • -
    The exact thing you need for American pizza. We use it both for our super-thin crust and our Uno's style super-thick pizzas. We'll be ordering a bag every three months until hell freezes over.
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