Smoked meat recipes for barbecue while camping

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Simple Smokin’ Recipes for Camping.

Smoking can be a bit of a tedious process as it requires a bit of preparation before-hand and thus not many people step up to give it a try. Camping and smoking can be very rewarding and thus we urge you to take the challenge. We’ve prepared a few simple recipes and tips to introduce.

Before you get started...

When making smoked food, there are a few things that you should be careful about. First and foremost is water content! In all foods, there is a bit of water and due to that water content, sometimes the smoke is unable to reach the innermost portion of the food. In foods like meat and fish, water content is actually quite high in terms of smoking. Let’s be sure to dry them out before attempting to smoke.

Also, smoking food tends to carry the image that it takes several hours. The truth for that is, it depends on the smoking method. These include heat smoking, warm smoking, and cold smoking.

Among these three, heat smoking is the most often used method using a direct flame to reach temperatures over 80 degrees Celsius. With the intention for flavoring and not preservation, the smoking time for smoked chicken is around 15 minutes. See? It’s not that long.

Let’s start with smoked chicken in accordance to the following flow chart. [Preparation]-> [Dry]-> [Smoke]-> [Sauté]

Chicken thighs (chicken)

1. Add salt and pepper and firmly wipe away moisture.

※This is one of the most important parts. Don’t forget to remove the water content with salt, especially when using liquid seasonings/sauce etc. (Soy sauce, noodle soup). Firmly wipe away moisture and leave it overnight just to be safe.

Chicken thighs (chicken)

2. Dry in a well-ventilated place or in the refrigerator.

3. Place it in the smoker and smoke for 20 minutes.

Chicken thighs (chicken)

4. Place the chicken in a skillet lined with olive oil and cook until done.

Chicken thighs (chicken)skillet

Smoking is not to fire the meat and thus it requires a bit of cooking afterwards. You can also follow these steps with pork and beef blocks.

Upgrade your Steaks, Fun Points when Smoking Meat

Affordable steak meat is upgraded! Point to enjoy smoked meat

There are all kinds of Beef cuts. If pricing is the number one thing on your mind, there are relatively cheap imported options out there. However, if you compare it to Wagyu, you’re sure to notice the difference, even just by a little bit. Here are a few recipes to help upgrade your imported beef.

1. Seasoning

We recommend adding strong flavors. Even just a bit of salt curing, soy sauce and sugar for a Japanese Yaki-niku flavor, basil for an Italian flavor, or even curry powder are all ways to make your smoked beef delicious. We actually recommend using Yaki-niku sauce and noodle soup of which do not require further seasonings. Remember to let them sit overnight in the refrigerator.

Smoked meat _ seasoning

2. Drying

Water content is the smoking process’s biggest enemy. For foods with high water content, its not only hard to get the smoke through, but bacteria can multiply a lot easier during the process at the fault of the moisture.

Again, you can dry the meat by leaving it in the refrigerator overnight without wrapping it. On days where the humidity is especially high (aka every day after fall in Japan), this method is highly recommended.

Smoked meat _ dried

3. Smoking

Once the meat Is firmly dried, let’s begin the smoking process. For camps, we recommend using a simple bowl with smoke chips. For the smoker, the time that the meat should spend in the smoker is dependent on your smoker itself. Time to refer to the manual.

Smoked meat

4. Sauté over Charcoals

Last, sauté over charcoals. Once the fire reaches through the meat, you’re done! Enjoy.

Saute with charcoal

Can’t Get Enough? Recommended Chips

If you remember the basic steps, you can move on to any chips that you’d like. Some of the more popular smoke chips in Japan include Sakura, Apple, and Hickory

Sakura (Cherry)

The most used in Japan, recommended for foods with strong aromas. (Pork, lamb and seafood).


Has a sweet and mild aroma. This is good for chicken and white fish.


The universal smoke chip for all kinds of meat and fish. Hickory is often used in the west and has few peculiarities unlike the other chips. Other than that, there are other kinds of chips out there such as walnuts etc. You can also combine chips for your own unique flavor.

The following smoke chips are used in the bottom of the smoker or pan. Place your chip filled pan/smoker (see images below) over a stove top and as the smoke begins to rise, the smoking process is ready to begin. For food that requires the addition of heat like meat, we recommend about an hour in the smoker. For all others like nuts etc., 5-15 minutes should do the trick.

Recommended Ingredients

Food like bacon and chicken require preparation before becoming “smokable”. Some require no prep at all! Let’s take a look.

Mixed Nuts

Mixed Nuts

Try some of your favorite nuts (tee-hee), placing them on an aluminum foil sheet and tossing them into the smoker. They can be eaten as soon as the smoking process is complete. Sakura chips work well here.

Mixed Nuts

Boiled Eggs

Boiled Eggs

If you’ve got a few boiled eggs lying around during the camp, you’ve already done the preparation part. Any chip variation is recommended for boiled eggs. No matter which you choose, they’re bound to be good.

Boiled Eggs



Bet you didn’t know you could smoke cheese. Straight out of cold storage, you can place them in the smoker for about 15 minutes for a new flavor. We recommend apple chips.


With these instructions, even the newest of newcomers can make something great! Once you’ve mastered these basic techniques, see how far you can take your smoking experience.

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