Grass-fed Steak/Beef Cubes (Striploin, ribeye, rump) 500g

Grass-fed Steak/Beef Cubes (Striploin, ribeye, rump) 500g
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Contents 500g
unit price ¥256 / per 100g
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Labeling Information

country of origin Australia or New Zealand
ingredients Beef
PACKAGING AND HANDLING Keep Frozen at -18 degrees C

Allergy Reference

Egg Milk Wheat Nut Buckwheat Shrimp Crab
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Big beefy cubes, perfect for stews, kebabs, etc. These are off-cuts from our striploin, ribeye,and rump so they might come in all different shapes and sizes.

High quality and very tender meat.

※Due to high order volume, we must limit two pack per order. We appreciate your understanding. 

Serving Suggestion

If you are using for stew, then they are fine as they are, but for yaki-niku or kebabs, they do better if you remove any remaining tendons. But you might keep these tendons, they are great in curry or Oden!


The thawing time depends on many factors such as size, weight, packaging, and type of meat. Please refer to our thawing chart ≫here≪

Review of this item

Beef Rengdangに最適です

Urchin 5/11/2021
マレーシアに住んでいたのでたまにマレー料理(シンガポールやインドネシアにも同じ料理がありますが)のRendangという、ココナツミルクとスパイスのカレーを作りたくて仕方がなくなります。が、日本で売っている牛の角切りは高くて・・・。けれど、こちらのお肉は量も充分ですし質も良い! お気に入り登録いたしました。また買います。


ぺリッチ 1/3/2021

美味しい! 噛み応えのあってジューシー

アリ 10/22/2020

Good value.

Anne 4/29/2020
The product description notes that cube size will vary because this product is made from off cuts of striploin, rib-eye, & rump.

I ordered 2 packages and got a consistent product. Both packages had beef cubes that were pretty even in size with just a little bit of marbling, and gristle-free. If I had a BBQ grill, they would have been great for kebabs.

Since I don't have a grill, I used one package to make Japanese curry and another to make a Filipino dish. The beef cubes were tender and flavorful in both dishes. The 500g portion is a good size for cooking for a family.

If every package could be like the ones I received, I'd give this product 5 stars but since there's an element of chance, I'm rating it 4 stars.


koongkoong 5/15/2019


KristiZ 3/11/2018
Always a great product, this new size is perfect for my use. Thank you!


シアン 1/29/2018


らいでん 12/5/2017




ノイブランデンブルク 11/25/2017


Guest 10/17/2017
On two separate occasions, using only these beef cubes, and items procured from an ordinary Japanese grocery store, I was able to concoct a batch of chili that was so uncommonly delicious, two genuine Texans said it was some of the best chili they had ever had. This is, it must be said, comparable to Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan commenting that your Kung fu is, in fact, very good. I attribute it all to the quality of the beef cubes. There is a heck of a lot of flavor in these bite-sized (well, bite-sized if you have a big mouth, as some Texans are known to have) chunks of steak, and not a lot of money need be expended to procure them by the kilogram. It should also be noted that the chili was competing for the attention of the crowd with not only grilled Meat Guy sausages, but also with an entire thee-kilo barbecued Meat Guy brisket. And still the chili held its own. So many people went back for seconds, thirds and fourths (full disclosure, myself included) that only an empty pot and satisfied collective glow remained at the end of the evening.

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