Natural Pork Casing 34/36 (3pcs)

Natural Pork Casing 34/36 (3pcs)
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Natural pork casing on a pipe. If you've ever wanted to make your own sausages this is a good starting point. (CANNOT BE SHIPPED FROZEN)
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CONTENTS 110.00g
UNIT PRICE ¥0 / per 1pc
RAW MATERIALS Pork Casing,Salt
PACKAGING AND HANDLING Keep Chilled at below 4 degrees C
Allergens contained in this product (7 specified raw materials)
Egg Milk Wheat Nut Buckwheat Shrimp Crab
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If you've ever wanted to make your own sausages this is a good starting point. This is a natural pork casing on a pipe. The size is approximately 34/36 mm, this is the size we use for our pork sausages. Please note that the size can vary due to this being natural casing. One pipe is about 6 meters, enough for around 4 kilos of sausages, depending upon how often you link. These come salted so all you have to do is rinse and then soak until soft and you are ready to stuff. 

This product cannot be shipped Frozen!

If you order this with a Frozen product we will charge for an additional parcel. Please notice that we will fix it after you order. This way, your order will be shipped by Frozen and Chilled.
  • Sausage making was so much fun
    Gender: Male
    I ordered 15 kg of ground pork and divided by 5. So, 5 of us made almost 10 different recipes and had a 4 hour festival preparing so many different types of sausage. Unfortunately, 3 tubes were not enough. Someone suggested less pork next time but others suggested 6 tubes and 25Kg of ground pork! Will be ordering more tubes again soon!
  • Revolutionise your sausages!
    Gender: Female
    Age: 40 - 49
    Who'd have thought making your own sausages could be so simple? Messy, but simple, and lots of fun. Pair these casings with Meat Guy sausage meat, add a little sage and onion, and off you go!
  • -
    I've used these lovelies a few times now when making my own sausage (also using Meat Guy meat). Super easy to slip on so you don't spoil the mood, then grind away and make some beautiful sausages to your size preference. They are very durable, and unlike other casings I've used DON'T break easily while making or when cooking. Just be sure you've packed enough meat to fill these babies because they are LOOONG!

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