Iberico Salchichon slices 100g

Iberico Salchichon slices 100g
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Fancy Spanish salami made from Iberico pork! Perfect paired with wine!
SKU H012
CONTENTS 100.00g
UNIT PRICE ¥960 / per 100g
Country of origin Spain
RAW MATERIALS Pork, pork fat, salt, skim milk powder, sugars (lactose, glucose), spices/coloring (Na erythorbic acid), (partly contains pork and milk components)
PACKAGING AND HANDLING Keep Frozen at -18 degrees C
Allergens contained in this product (7 specified raw materials)
Egg Milk Wheat Nut Buckwheat Shrimp Crab
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"Salchichón" is a type of salami that is typically found in Spain.
It is made by mixing coarsely ground pork, spices and pepper, then drying and smoking.
This specific brand is made from Iberico pork, which gives this salami a deeper and sweeter flavor compared to other brands.
Since this one's already been pre-sliced, you won't have to wait before consuming!
Simply thaw it completely, and you're good.
However, if you wait until it comes back to room temperature, the fat will melt a bit and it will taste even better!


Enjoy as is after thawing completely or serve as part of a charcuterie board!
Use on dishes like salads, etc. or pair with some wine and unwind after a long day.
We recommend bringing it back to room temperature first before consuming.


It takes about 30 minutes to thaw in the refrigerator. If you are in a hurry, thaw under running water.

(per 100g)

Calories 460kcal
Protein 31.9g
Total fat 36.5g
Total carbohydrate 1.0g
Sodium 3.5g
  • Nice Spanish cured sausage, good meaty flavour
    Gender: Male
    We bought these as an add-on to a larger order and had them as a weekend treat with some wine. Good meaty flavor although I probably prefer chorizo overall. I guess they might also be good on pizza (am I allowed to say that about *Spanish* sausage not Italian? :) ).
  • Delicious!
    Great taste, defrosted with not issues. A real treat.
  • 美味しかったです

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