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(Free Shipping) Otsumami Snack Value Set

(Free Shipping) Otsumami Snack Value Set
Contents about 430g

Labeling Information


Meat Guy Original Premium Beef Jerky (50G): Beef, Soy Sauce, Sugar, Spice, Seasoning (Amino Acid), Coloring Agent (Nitric Acid K, Nitrite Na)

-Smoked ham Shinkenspek 80g: pork, salt, juniper, piement, coriander, marjoram, paprika, mace, garlic, pepper, glucose, nonfat dry milk, sugar, spices

-Plain salami block (200G): pork, pork casing, salt, black pepper, sugar (lactose, glucose), dextrin, garlic, nutmeg, color former (nitric acid K, sodium nitrite)

-European dry salami stick (80G): pork, salt, spices, glucose, antioxidant (vitamin C), coloring agent (sodium sulfite)

PACKAGING AND HANDLING Keep Frozen at -18 degrees C

Allergy Reference

Egg Milk Wheat Nut Buckwheat Shrimp Crab
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Those with '○' are included.


Free shipping and 20% discount! Otsumami (finger food) are simple snacks/dish eaten alongside alcoholic beverages and that's what makes this set perfect for any party. No cooking or cutting required. Simply defrost and serve.

What you get:

Premium Beef Jerky (50g) 
We’ve taken our grass-fed Australian beef and teamed up with friends in Nagano at the finest smokehouse we could find in all of Japan to produce the greatest jerky every made. You will love it so much that you will be torn between telling all your friends about or keeping it all to yourself.

Air-dried Salami Sticks (80g)
These come from Austria, super tasty. Great Otsumami, goes well with beer. Free of lactose, gluten, chemical flavor enhancer, artificial coloring. For that price nowhere else to be found in Japan. 

Saucisson Sec Salami (200g)
Saucisson are large air-dried cured sausages, which are eaten sliced and usually cold. This type of French sausage is typically made of pork. Unlike the other saucissons ours have the full meaty flavor but less fat content, are mildly covered which affects especially good taste.

Austrian Smoked Pork Schinkinspeck Ham Slices (80G)
Another import bacon from Austria. Yes, the one that has kangaroos in Europe. Hand processed and smoked over beech wood. Cured for several months.This is from the pork leg. The salt content is higher than the pork belly bacon but at the same time, the fat content is lower. This one goes very well with cheese, wine, olives etc. Not really recommended for cooking due to the low fat content.

Serving Suggestion

"Otsumami" are Japanese snacks that are preferably consumed with cheese, wine or beer. You don't have to prepare these items, just put them on a nice plate and serve with some cheese, grapes and your favorite drink.

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