Naked Wing Sauce L-size (1150g)

Naked Wing Sauce L-size (1150g)
Contents 1150g
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Country of Production Japan
ingredients Vinegar, pepper, syrup, salt, spices, thickener (modified starch), liquid smoke (may contains traces of soybeans)
PACKAGING AND HANDLING Store in a cool, dry, place

Allergens contained in this product (7 ingredients)

Egg Milk Wheat Nut Buckwheat Shrimp Crab
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The Meat Guy's Original Naked Wing Sauce - Your wings will never go naked again!

We set out to make the best buffalo wing sauce ever and we did even better - this stuff is awesome. Really, those girls at that restaurant chain that rhymes with "tooters" were all seriously drooping once they heard about this. It's spicy, bold, and even just a little smoky. Slather it on wings or anything else that needs some dressing up. Everything will just be naked without it.

Serving Suggestion

How to make some ridiculously good buffalo wings:
Step 1. 
Start out with some good chicken wings. We like a mix of wings (Tebasaki) and drumsticks (Tebamoto). 
Step 2. 
Pat the wings dry and then mix in a little cornstarch until they are evenly coated. This will make your wings come out crunchy and delightful.
Step 3.
 Fry them wings. They usually suggest having your oil at 180 degrees C. I like to flick a few drops of water from my fingers and if the oil pops and sizzles it's just right. If it's smoking it's too hot, and if it's on fire then you've got real problems. Don't put too many wings in the oil at one time or they'll take too long to cook and come out greasy. Tame them out when they look done, it will probably take about 6-8 minutes.
Step 4.
Cover up those naked wings. Put about 1/2 Tablespoon per wing in a big bowl, you can use more, there is no such thing as too much Naked Wing Sauce. If you'd like you can also add a little bit of melted butter to the sauce, this will make it stick to the wings and make them taste a bit more...buttery. 
Put the wings in the bowl with the sauce. Shake the hell outa that bowl, don't you worry if you get a bit of sauce on the walls, Naked Wing Sauce looks great on the wall or even the ceiling. 
Step 5. 
Enjoy, Get Wild, Get Naked!! You've got the best wings on the planet right in the grip of your sticky little fingers.
If our Naked Wing Sauce is not spicy enough for you, you can always add a pinch of cayenne pepper or hot sauce. If our sauce is too spicy for you, go crying to your mommy sissy-boy, this sauce is for grown-ups.

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Guest 10/19/2017
I have waited 15 years to find a place to buy this hot sauce from. I usually order a bottle a month. It is awesome.

Taste: Like all those awesome hot sauces from home. It adds a nice tang to all the chicken breasts I buy. This sauce is responsible for covering all those breasts.

I'd love to get the larger bag of hot sauce but my wife would kill me and I'd likely OD on it. I love my hot sauce.

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