KINSOU-DORI Diced Chicken Breast & Thigh 500g

KINSOU-DORI Diced Chicken Breast & Thigh 500g
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We dice-cut the high-quality Kinsou-Dori Chicken Breast and Thighs! Perfect for Ozouni or Chawan Mushi. Pre-cut, you can use these for pretty much anything.

SKU C106
CONTENTS 500.00g
UNIT PRICE ¥196 / per 100g
Country of origin Japan
PACKAGING AND HANDLING Keep Frozen at -18 degrees C
Allergens contained in this product (7 specified raw materials)
Egg Milk Wheat Nut Buckwheat Shrimp Crab
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We dice-cut the high-quality Kinsou-Dori Chicken Breast and Thighs!
Pre-cut, perfect for Ozouni, Chawan-mushi. You can also use it for stir-fry or stew.
Low in Fat & Calories. Contains a lot of Vitamins & Minerals. Low in Cholesterol. So healthy.
If you are trying to eat healthy, working out a lot, trying to lose weight, this is the perfect product for you.

※During the shipment process, the frozen products may rub together in the box and develop small holes in the packaging due to friction. The product has been vacuum-sealed during production. Even if there is a leak caused by friction, as long as the packaging is properly sealed, there shouldn't be an issue with the quality of the product.


It's pre-cut, you can just cook it right away. You can use it for pretty much anything.
Toss it in Ozouni/Chawan-mushi as it is!
Also good for Stir-fry, stew, curry. So many ways!


Check this pagefor details of producer/the poultry farm
by entering the last 3 digits of the label on package in "鶏Search".

◆What is 錦爽(KINSOU)??◆

・The chicken was named with a "beautiful and refreshing" image in mind. So they called it 錦爽 (kinsou) . 錦(kin) – fine clothes, 爽(sou) - refreshing

◆Kinso-dori concept◆

・Processing is done at a designated factory.

・The chicken is carefully taken apart by hand and processed by trained craftsmen.

・Wood vinegar is added to the special feed.

・Poultry inspection is completed in accordance with the poultry inspection system.

◆What makes Kinso-dori so special?◆

・Reliable and safe product from Aichi Prefecture. The brand has established proper traceability (farm identification system), and the chicken is "fresh, safe and delicious".
・The chicken is given a sufficient amount of exercise from free-range feeding, so their fat content is low.
・The supplier used to run a feed processing company. As such, the are particular about their feed.
・From about 14 days before shipment, the animals have been raised on antibiotic-free and drug-free feed.
・Because the chickens are raised with feed that contains the supplier's own wood vinegar, they do not have the unique smell of regular supermarket chicken and are less likely to have a harsh flavor. These chickens are also an excellent source of protein.
・The chicken is handled and processed by trained craftsmen, so the umami rarely escapes during processing.
・The supplier is particular about the integrated production of chicken: from raising and breeding chickens, hatching and rearing chicks, to manufacturing feed, processing, and shipping products. They have confidence in the quality of the products that they produce.
・All their efforts make it possible to deliver safe and delicious chicken at an affordable price.
・If you want to get your hands on this top quality chicken online, The Meat Guy is the only place you can find it!

◆Other information◆

・Chicken breed: White Cornish ♂, White Rock ♀

・Breeding period: about 50 days

・Breeding method: Free range


The thawing time depends on many factors such as size, weight, packaging, and type of meat.
Please refer to our thawing chart≫≫HERE≪≪

  • More breast than thigh
    This pack is more breast than thigh so when you cook it in a stew the meat is a bit rough feeling in your mouth.
  • Great chicken
    Was lucky enough to get this on sale and it was great in stew. Because of the different cuts in the same bag, it might be a bit tough to fry them up all at the same time.

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