Chicken Legs (200g×4)

Chicken Legs (200g×4)
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The whole thigh and leg. 4 pieces in one pack. (Frozen)
SKU C105
CONTENTS 800.00g
UNIT PRICE ¥161 / per 100g
Country of origin USA
PACKAGING AND HANDLING Keep Frozen at -18 degrees C
Allergens contained in this product (7 specified raw materials)
Egg Milk Wheat Nut Buckwheat Shrimp Crab
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The whole drumstick-thigh combination from the US. 

Chicken drumsticks are an excellent source of protein, essential amino acids and several vitamins and minerals. Feeding it to your family every other night might have a significant influence on their health. 

※Note that this product is NOT completely vacuum-packed before purchasing.

Serving Suggestions

Those chicken legs are suitable for tasty baked legs, savory barbecued chicken legs, soups or other delicious dishes.


The thawing time depends on many factors such as size, weight, packaging, and type of meat. Please refer to our thawing chart ≫here≪

  • Issues
    Arrived loose in a plastic bag covered in ice crystals as if refrozen after thawing in transit . Should be shrink wrapped. Horrible condition.
  • Great chicken!
    This chicken is absolutely wonderful! Great volume and flavor. Waaaay better quality than you can get at any supermarket. Perfect for bbq or oven baking!
  • tender meat
    Chicken Legs are a staple in many cuisines around the world, celebrated for their rich flavor, versatility in recipes, and the delightful texture they bring to a variety of dishes. These cuts, consisting of both the thigh and drumstick, offer a juicy, tender meat that is both flavorful and satisfying, making them a favorite among both home cooks and professional chefs alike.
  • Easy to cook!
    Gender: 男性
    Age: 30代
  • So nice!
    I used them in my party and every one loved them!
  • Outstanding value. Always quality.
    To have quality bone-in whole leg that one just thaws and seasons, without any additional prep work needed, and cooks as one likes is actually a luxury. For anyone who loves to cook, this is simply an outstanding value.
  • Great!
    I spiced them using a Moroccan blend. It was great.
  • Nice
    Thighs are great! Wish they were bigger

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