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  • premium cut
    This premium cut combines the tenderness and robust flavor that grass-fed beef is renowned for, offering a truly gourmet experience.
    Gender: Male
    Age: 40 - 49
    wasted ¥5000 using this for steak. It was DRY and HARD. Total waste of time and money. Very angry that this website suggested this was ok for steak.
    Answer from the store 2024/02/01
    We appreciate your comment concerning our sirloin block. First, we apologize for any inconvenience that may have caused you. Cooking it as a big steak is quite difficult but it's still doable. It may require the right cooking tools like oven, grill, and etc. It's a bit difficult to grill as whole, we recommend cutting into a few slices and grilling them as normal sized steaks.
  • We loved it!
    I bought the block for a family get-together. I cut the block into five steaks, about 200 gm each, rubbed salt and pepper into each steak, and cooked them two at a time in a cast iron skillet to medium rare with home-made clarified butter. After letting them rest a while, I sliced up two for my three grandsons, who couldn't get enough of them. The unanimous verdict was that we haven't had sirloin that tasted this good in ages.

    I should mention that the service was fantastic and that I had some very helpful and informative communication with Jack of marketing about this product and the registration process.
  • BBQの主役
    Gender: 男性
    Age: 50代
  • Great striploin
    Gender: Male
    Great cut of meat! Cut into 4 good sized steaks, 24 hour marinade then on to our BBQ grill. Felt like a bit of home.
  • 脂がしつこくない
    Gender: 女性
    Age: 50代
    Gender: Female
    This is the second time we've bought this. This purchase was much leaner than the first purchase, so it didn't require much fat trimming. ( I love red meat, but my body doesn't process saturated fats. So it's worth it to me to buy leaner, more expensive cuts so that I can enjoy red meat while respecting this body's needs.)
  • とにかく美味い
    Gender: 男性
  • 今回は1kgを注文しました
    I love beef, but am allergic to saturated fat. So I have to buy VERY lean meat. The 1 kg block I received was just as it appears in the picture: After removing the entire upper fat layer, there was nothing but VERY lean, tender and sweet meat ... just the way I love it.

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