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  • Excellent
    I really love these! A very fresh, meaty taste. These will become a staple for my carnivorous diet!
  • Great quality, not so Great Britain
    My order came right before dinner, so I was eager to break into the sausages. I was really happy with the quality of the sausages, but the flavour was a little off. It's unlike anything I've had before, a little too aromatic? Maybe its one of the herbs they've used, but it wasn't really what I was expecting for a "british sausage", so I was slightly disappointed. So if you're looking for something you'd pick up back home from your local supermarket, this might not be for you. That being said, it will definitely fill that sausage void all Brits have here in Japan. (pardon the pun, if there is one)
  • -
    Brilliant sausages, and very English. I was extremely happy to find these when I got to Japan. Sausages don't get much better, and I've tried the best of the best in England.
  • -
    Great sausages, excellent quality and large size. I only gave this four stars instead of five because I tried the Irish sausages first and liked them better. If I had tried these first, I probably would have given them five. Compared to the Irish sausages, the English are more mild in their herbal flavor and I noticed slightly more grease. These are fantastic in their own right, but if your stomach is more sensitive to oily foods in the morning, I recommend the Irish sausages for breakfast.
  • シンプルな塩味、ボリューム十分



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