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  • やみつきに!
  • Just Okay
    As an Englishman these sausages unfortunately didn’t hit the spot. Too many herbs, wrong sausage texture more like a hot dog.
    They’re an okay sausage but the closest English Sausage I’ve found in Japan is from Gyomu Supa
    Good try but not an English sausage
  • このお店は当たりです
  • I can’t find anything better on my island.
    We all know it’s pretty hard to find good sausages and these are the closest thing to the real deal. Some say “too much aromatics”. I say, “better than not enough”.
  • These are sooooo good!
    These sausages are soooo good! They are big! They taste divine! They are eaten quickly!
  • 英国が懐かしい
  • Very nice
    A great choice. I enjoyed them very much.
  • 高級版 イングリッシュソーセージ
  • Quite tasty
    It’s a tasty sausage but not an English breakfast one. It’s a little herbier than I’m used to and honestly not fatty enough. Great with mashed potatoes for dinner though.
    Yet again, I’m Scottish, so I wouldn’t know flavour if it came and bit me in the hind. Very tasty, but couldn’t call it a breakfast sausage.
  • おいしかった

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