Big Roasting Bag / Oven Bag + Clips (5 Bags)

Big Roasting Bag / Oven Bag + Clips (5 Bags)
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country of origin 中国

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Egg Milk Wheat Nut Buckwheat Shrimp Crab
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50cm x 50cm bags (5 bags)

A perfect, juicy roast every time. Just stick the meat in the bag, the bag in the oven and ooowalaaaa! - roasted meat (you may or may not need to turn the oven on.) You don't need to use any oil, you don't need to clean your oven and you get your meat about 10% faster (yes somebody calculated that.) Just imagine at Thanksgiving and Christmas how impressed everyone will be when they notice that the roast was served 10% faster than last year. We recommended using these bags for our striploin block or cube roll. When it's finished roasting you can use the liquid formed in the bag to make gravy, au jus, stock or bath in it. Oh, and it also doubles as a freezer bag.

This bag cannot be used over 190°C or 374°F.
The Bag is big enough to fit any large size turkey or roast that we sell.

Serving Suggestion

1) Dress the meat and place in the bag.
2) In order to properly brown the meat, let plenty of air in the bag and then close the bag tightly using the attached clip. Cut the corner of the bag so that steam can escape while cooking. Cut off any excess parts of the bag around the clip.
3) Place the meat in a deep ovenproof dish in the center of a pre-heated oven. 
4) Once it's finished cooking, cut the bag open with a pair of scissors, take out your roasted meat and enjoy it!

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