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Lamb Cuts

The finest lamb from New Zealand and Australia.... Well, mostly from Australia. Our lamb meat comes from happy lambs, raised with loving care. Lamb is one of the most natural meats we sell. Most Australian and New Zealand lamb is raised organically: open range, hormone-free, etc. However, because it is not certified as "organic", (a process that takes loads of time and money!), I'm not allowed to tell you that it "might be" organic--best to forget I ever mentioned it.

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  • Ground Lamb Meat (Lamb Mince)

    Ground Lamb Meat (Lamb Mince)


    The lamb shoulder made into lean minced lamb. No trimmings used. Probably the purest and best quality lamb mince in this universe. This is a very course grind (6mm) which means more flavor and less cooking loss. You will love it. Frozen.
  • Lamb Shoulder 【Sold by Weight】

    Lamb Shoulder 【Sold by Weight】


    Boneless Lamb Shoulder. If you like a little more fat than what a lamb leg contains, this is the roast for you. It's also easy to cut up for kebabs, stew, even yaki-niku. Frozen.
  • Lamb Loin Steak

    Lamb Loin Steak


    One whole lamb loin. Theoretically you could cut this up into medallions and make several servings with it. But what you'll want to do is just cook it whole and eat it yourself as a steak, I don't recommend sharing... Frozen.
  • 【FREE SHIPPING】Lamb Tenderloin 6pc Set

    【FREE SHIPPING】Lamb Tenderloin 6pc Set


    3-6 whole lamb tenderloins (+/-280gm) for itty bitty fillet mignon steaks x 6pc. This is the choicest bit of the entire lamb. Frozen.
  • Lamb Tenderloin

    Lamb Tenderloin


    3-6 whole lamb tenderloins (+/-280gm) for itty bitty fillet mignon steaks. This is the choicest bit of the entire lamb. Frozen.
  • Lamb Shanks

    Lamb Shanks


    Bone-in lamb shanks from Tasmania. Very meaty and very popular with our restaurant customers. One pack has two shanks. Also useful for taking out that prison guard you can’t stand... Frozen.
  • New Zealand Bone-In Lamb Leg

    New Zealand Bone-In Lamb Leg


    Mighty 2.2kg bone in lanb. This makes a great roast. The shank portion is off with bone-in leaving only the tastiest and most tender portion. Frozen.
  • New Zealand Lamb Chops - 5 Chops approx. 260g

    New Zealand Lamb Chops - 5 Chops approx. 260g


    Tasty frenched lamb chops from New Zealand - the worlds number one exporter of lamb. Lamb from New Zealand is known to be smaller in size and of superior quality and tenderness compared to the Australian lamb. Don't overcook, leave pink in the center and treat it like a t-bone steak.
  • Whole Bone-In Lamb Cut

    Whole Bone-In Lamb Cut


    We take a whole lamb and cut it into 4 cm cubes. Great for stewing or soup. You get a little bit of everything. Comes in 1 kg. packs Frozen.
  • Lamb T-Bone

    Lamb T-Bone


    Very tasty little Lamb steaks. 2 steaks per package. Frozen
  • Sliced Lamb Shoulder

    Sliced Lamb Shoulder


    Lamb shoulder, sliced thinly for stir fry, yaki-niku, or anything you can think of that calls for sliced lamb. If you toss this into a pan with some sliced onion, a little bit of our awesome Stake Spice, and melty cheese you can make up a pretty fabulous "Sidney Cheese Steak" served up on one our ciabattas. Frozen.
  • Natural Lamb Casing 26/28 3pc

    Natural Lamb Casing 26/28 3pc


    If you've ever wanted to make your own sausages this is a good starting point. This a natural lamb casing on a pipe. The size is 26/28 mm, this is the size we use for our lamb sausages. These come salted so all you have to do is rinse and then soak until soft and you are ready to stuff. One tube is about 4-5 m, depending upon how often you link it, you can make about 3-4 kilograms worth of sausages with that. Chilled (cannot ship frozen)

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