【FREE SHIPPING】Gift Voucher / Certificate / Gift Card - 10,000 JPY

【FREE SHIPPING】Gift Voucher / Certificate / Gift Card - 10,000 JPY
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Egg Milk Wheat Nut Buckwheat Shrimp Crab
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The greatest gift you can ever give - an awesome certificate for meat! This gift card is worth 10,000 yen of meat - that's a lot! Appreciated by many loving and caring parents abroad for their meat craving and lost offspring in Japan. One of the best birthday presents for meat lovers and also make a great impression as coorporate gifts. We can send the certificate directly to whomever you'd like to present it to or send it to you to give in person. The writing on the card is both English and Japanese. Instructions are printed on the back. You can't beat that!

"I'm so sorry I accidentally threw up in your slippers, I hope 10,000 yen worth of meat will make up for it and let me keep my job" (just an example)

1. Please go to www.TheMeatGuy.jp and enjoy shopping. Insert items into cart as usual.
2. Proceed to "view cart" (not checkout) and enter the coupon code on the right side and click on "apply"
3. If your total amount exceeds the value of the gift card simply select a prefered payment method.
4. Place the order. You will receive an order confirmation email within minutes. Thank you very much.

*One gift card per purchase possible only.
No credit on remaining amount possible.
No cash back or refund on remaining amount possible.
Not in combination with other coupon codes.
Delivery is only within Japan.
Gift card only applicable on www.TheMeatGuy.jp

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