Pop-up Timer 2 pack (3 cm; 77ºC)

Pop-up Timer 2 pack (3 cm; 77ºC)
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Your meat, done perfectly every time. Just stick this in, when it pops, everything is ready.
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Your meat, done perfectly every time. Just stick this in, when it pops, everything is ready. Optimized for small turkeys and chickens, this works well with roasts of all kinds. 2 in a pack so you can check for hot spots. It's also safer than using a regular thermometer because you won't burn your hands and stuff...

These pop-ups are set to go "pluuup" when the point reaches 77°C, this should ensure that the center of your fowl (a chicken, turkey, duck, pigeon, etc...) is cooked beyond the safety point (so you won't poison anyone). If you are using it for a thick roast, where the point does not go all the way to the middle, you should leave it in the oven slightly longer. If you are cooking something that you want to be a bit more on the rare side, then this is very useful because when you see it pop, you know you better take it out now or you'll be ordering take-out. 

Pop-up timers are not the best way to determine if the meat is done or not, but they can take out a lot of guess-work and let you enjoy your party without worrying too much.

One pack has five timers, we recommend using two or three at various positions on your piece of meat. If you are down to your last one, then find the thickest portion and stick it in there. On a turkey or a chicken, roasted with the breast side up, that spot is about halfway between where the wing is attached and the center of the bird.


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