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  • burst of flavor
    For anyone seeking high-quality, flavorful beef with the added benefits of grass-feeding, the Grass-Fed Beef Round Slices (500g) are highly recommended. They promise to bring a burst of flavor and nutrition to your meals, making them a must-try for health-conscious food enthusiasts and gourmet cooks alike
  • すきやき
    Gender: 女性
    Age: 40代
  • インスタントポットで数分蒸してから
  • 使いやすくて味わい深い
  • Not Braciola; not cannelloni, not beef olives
    A fantastic cut for stuffing, rolling and braising long and slow in veal stock and red wine. Last time I posted anything I could include pictures. Kinda loses the idea without photos!
    There is no recipe, but basically I used spare bits of roast beef (MG flank), homemade ham (MG ham shoulder), and homemade bacon (MG belly). Sweated some chopped onions, carrots, leeks, with rosemary and sage and some nutmeg in olive oil. Cooled and whizzed with the meats to a rough filling mix.
    Laid out the beef round slices overlapping on a long piece of proper size Saran Wrap. Rolled. Twisted. And then chilled. Could braise as a whole thing if your pots and oven are longer than 30 cm, or cut into lengths. Lightly flour and brown in olive oil and braise in a mix of any stock that's handy with a half a bottle of red wine. About 2.5 hours on 130 centigrade.
    If you've understood this far, you know it's not a recipe. More of a basic cooking principle, that's particularly yummy with this cut.
    Use whatever you have for the stuffing. Breadcrumbs are important as a binder. I use my own scraps of bread dried on the top of the oven than whizzed.

    Please bring back the option of posting a picture! It would have saved lots of words for anyone who knows a bit about cooking!
  • The BEST Beef Jerky
    I used Chef John's recipe from the All Recipes site, using this beef to make beef jerky for a friend. It was so good I had to make another batch for him, and I'm making it again as a Christmas gift. I am convinced that this sliced beef would make any dish great, including beef curry, teriyaki dishes and stews. I doubt that I'll ever use cubed beef again.
  • Super!
    Amazing taste and finally a beef cut that is great to create a lot of dishes. Versatile and very good!

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