Let's enjoy barbecue while taking safety measures!

10 tips to enjoy BBQ safely

There is still a real concern for coronavirus these days. As such, we've prepared 10 tips on how to take the necessary safety measures for your next BBQ. Take these 10 precautions to enjoy your BBQ with peace of mind!

  1. 1. Ask people with fever, cough, or other symptoms not to participate.

  2. 2. Limit the number of participants.

  3. 3. Avoid crowding around the grill.

  4. 4. Hold the BBQ outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. Indoors is a no-go.

  5. 5. Have everyone bring their own chopsticks, plates, and cups.

  6. 6. Avoid speaking in a loud voice at all times.

  7. 7. Frequently disinfect hands and equipment with alcohol before and after.

  8. 8. Have a one-person shift system for grilling.

  9. 9. Have your mask on other than when drinking and eating.

  10. 10. Limit your BBQ time. 3 hours is the standard.

Source: Japan BBQ Association [10 things that barbecue hosts should know about barbecue in the new Corona era]


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