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Vegetables & Fruits

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  • Frozen Organic Blueberries 1kg

    Frozen Organic Blueberries 1kg


    A big 1 kg bag of berry goodness. Frozen, organic, and meant to be eaten by the handful until your cheeks are blue. Frozen.
  • Frozen Organic Raspberries 1kg

    Frozen Organic Raspberries 1kg


    Organic Raspberries A big 1 kg bag of frozen organic raspberries. And since they are organic you can eat 3-4 kilos at a time with no negative consequences. You can even throw them in the blender with your favorite 500 yen a liter shochu for a healthy and refreshing summer pick-me-up/lay-me-down. Frozen.
  • Brussel Sprouts

    Brussel Sprouts


    A great way to torture your children is to force feed them these along with liver and spinach. Belgium
  • Frozen Baby Carrots 1kg

    Frozen Baby Carrots 1kg


    Carrots have incredible powers... Don't you know? They are good for health, eyesight and even skin. They boost your resistance against the UV and allow you to have a beautiful complexion. 1kg Frozen.
  • Frozen Mushrooms 1kg

    Frozen Mushrooms 1kg


    Fresh frozen mushrooms from Belgium. A full bag of 1000g for all our mushrooms lovers. You can't get high on these. Frozen.
  • Frozen Avocado Dice / Cubes

    Frozen Avocado Dice / Cubes


    Fresh frozen healthy avocado cubes or dice from Peru. No more finding the right ripe avocado or being disappointed by that type of nasty avocado which you thought you raised into the perfect ripeness only to find out they have been dead on the inside a long time ago.A full bag of 500g cubes. A must for every avocado lover. Great for many dishes or making your very own guacamole.
  • Frozen Mixed Tropical Fruits

    Frozen Mixed Tropical Fruits


    A huge bag full of fruit. Inside are Mangos, Pineapples, Peaches, Papayas, and Grapes. Unlike most mixes which tend to skimp on the expensive fruits and load up on the cheap ones, but this bag is chock full of mangos and papayas. This is great as a frozen dessert, also awesome in smoothies. 5 pounds of fruit here for a bargain price. Frozen
  • Frozen Strawberries 1kg

    Frozen Strawberries 1kg


    A big 1 kg bag of frozen strawberries. Awesome in smoothies, you can use them for frozen dessert as well. Don't forget to add chocolate on them for more sweetness.

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