USDA Beef Cube Off-Cuts (200g)

USDA Beef Cube Off-Cuts (200g)
Contents about 200g
unit price ¥885 / per 100g

Labeling Information

country of origin USA
Country of Production USA
ingredients Beef(Filet, Sirloin, Rib Roast:USDA Select,Choice,Prime Grade)
PACKAGING AND HANDLING Keep Frozen Below -18 Celsius

Allergy Reference

Egg Milk Wheat Nut Buckwheat Shrimp Crab
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Those with '○' are included.


These are the leftover off-cuts from our USDA Grade steaks! They come from the sirloin, rib roast and filet steaks that we cut in-house.  Perfect for skewers! Each of the steaks that these mangificent marbled beauties are cut from are one the USDA Grade varieties being Prime, Select, or Choice. There's no telling how many of the three variations will end up in your 200g pack so theres a bit of excitement there! 

Unfortunately, as these are the leftover offcuts please recognize the following:

※You cannot opt to specify which grade of steak that you would like 
※Will contain small amounts of fat and tendons

Serving Suggestion

・Beef Bowls!
・Literally anything that calls for beef.

For more information on how to cook our steaks click ≫≫here≪≪

In Depth

■『USDA 』

『USDA』=United States Department Agriculture:
Uses a sort of meat lingo amongst the meat community. With these seals, it ensures safe, high quality American beef! Beef usually graded in two ways, tenderness, and of course, juiciness. 

Prime: Prime beef is produced from young, well-fed cattle. These are kinds of steaks that you see in resturants and hotels!

Choice: Choice beef is still high quality but has a bit less marbling than prime. They're sill very tender.

Select: Select beef is the leaner beef. While still juicy, it will lack some of the marbling of the other cuts. 

All cattle are started on milk and eventually move on up to grass. When you see "corn-fed beef" tgus neabs that the cattle are finished with a corn/grain rich diet. This in turn bulks up the cattle, giving it that marbling we all know and love! Yummy!

《Individually Cut and Packaged》
Like many of our products we handle each one invididually. 
For our USDA Prime Ribeye steaks, we cut and individually vacuum package each  of them one by one. 


The thawing time depends on many factors such as size, weight, packaging and the type of meat. Please refer to our thawing chart

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