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Other Steak Cuts

All other cuts that are considered steaks but don't fall into the main steak categories.

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  • [Wakanui Spring Lamb] New Zealand Lamb Chops - 5 Chops (approx. 260g)

    [Wakanui Spring Lamb] New Zealand Lamb Chops - 5 Chops (approx. 260g)


    Tasty frenched lamb chops from the worlds number one exporter New Zealand. (Frozen)
  • (New Size) Steak/Beef Cubes (500g)

    (New Size) Steak/Beef Cubes (500g)

    Big beefy cubes, perfect for stews, kebabs, etc. High quality and very tender meat. (Frozen)
  • Tenderized Grass Fed Beef Steaks (500g)

    Tenderized Grass Fed Beef Steaks (500g)

    Juicy tenderized steaks from Australian beef. (Frozen)
  • Beef Tendon (500g)

    Beef Tendon (500g)


    Very beefy tendon. Perfect for curry or oden. (Frozen)
  • Rump Steak aka. Sirloin Steak (250g)

    Rump Steak aka. Sirloin Steak (250g)

    The cut from the "Top Sirloin" or "Rump". This is a great value. (Frozen)
  • 100% Grass-fed Tenderloin Filet Cubes (250g)

    100% Grass-fed Tenderloin Filet Cubes (250g)


    When we cut up tenderloins to make fillet mignons we are left with the tip which is too small for a steak, but too nice to waste. (Frozen)
  • Pork Belly (800g Block)

    Pork Belly (800g Block)


    Lean pork belly. This specification is called "single rib" because it still has the rib meat attached. (Frozen)
  •  Lamb T-Bone Steaks (approx. 100g)

    Lamb T-Bone Steaks (approx. 100g)


    Very tasty little Lamb steaks. 2 steaks per package. (Frozen)
  • Sliced Lamb Shoulder (500g)

    Sliced Lamb Shoulder (500g)


    Lamb shoulder, sliced thinly for almost anything you can think of that calls for sliced lamb. (Frozen)
  • Pork Chops (150g)

    Pork Chops (150g)


    Boneless pork chops. (Frozen)
  • Australian Yaki Niku Slices (200g)

    Australian Yaki Niku Slices (200g)


    Our 100% grass-fed beef Yaki-Niku Slices, not as tender as our premium Morgan Ranch Yaki-Niku slices. This is the economic choice. (Frozen)
  • Kangaroo Rump Steaks (450g) SALE

    Kangaroo Rump Steaks (450g)

    Regular Price: ¥2,400

    Special Price: ¥1,780

    These rumps are excellent for steaks, roasts, or yaki-niku. One pack contains around a few rump steaks. (Frozen)
  • GRASS-FED Beef Oxtail Cut (500g)

    GRASS-FED Beef Oxtail Cut (500g)


    Australian beef oxtail, cut into 2 cm thick rounds. Perfect for stocks, soups and braising. (Frozen).
  • Beef Cheek Meat (350g)

    Beef Cheek Meat (350g)

    We'll avoid the cheeky description this time. (Frozen)
  • USDA Choice Porterhouse Steak (750g)

    USDA Choice Porterhouse Steak (750g)


    This is the real deal! USDA Choice Porterhouse Steak. Top quality from the US. (Frozen)
  • USDA Choice T-Bone Steak (600g)

    USDA Choice T-Bone Steak (600g)


    The best of both worlds! Sirloin and Tenderloin in one steak. (Frozen)
  • Lamb Loin Steak (180g)

    Lamb Loin Steak (180g)


    One whole lamb loin. The perfect steak for your next easter dish. (Frozen)
  • Tenderized Beef Tongue Slices (300g)

    Tenderized Beef Tongue Slices (300g)


    Beef tongue cut into thick slices and then tenderized. (Frozen)
  • Veal Cutlet (250g)

    Veal Cutlet (250g)


    Fantastic little loin cutlets, we cut them thick so they stay meaty if you plan on pounding them out. (Frozen)
  • Whole Bone-In Lamb Cut (1kg)

    Whole Bone-In Lamb Cut (1kg)


    We take a whole lamb and cut it into 4 cm cubes. You get a little bit of everything. Comes in 1kg packs. (Frozen)
  • Goat Tenderloins (3PC)

    Goat Tenderloins (3PC)

    A 250g pack of thinly sliced goat tenderloins from Australia. (Frozen)
  • (Free Shipping) Yaki Niku Big Set 2.7 kg for 10-11 people (15% OFF!) SALE

    (Free Shipping) Yaki Niku Big Set 2.7 kg for 10-11 people (15% OFF!)

    Regular Price: ¥12,150

    Special Price: ¥9,980

    Let the Yaki Niku Party get started! This is the 2.7 kg set of pure meat that serves 10-11 hungry guests. (Frozen)
  • Ostrich Rump Block (1kg)

    Ostrich Rump Block (1kg)


    Top notch ostrich from Australia. One package has enough meat for 6 - 8 steaks. (Frozen)
  • For Lamb Lovers The Genghis Khan Set

    For Lamb Lovers The Genghis Khan Set


    This set includes our original spicy Marquez lamb sausages, lamb shoulder slices, lamb patties, spiced lamb cubes with bamboo skewers and finally lamb chops. All for a discounted value. Good enough for 5-8 people. Frozen.

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