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Other Steak Cuts

All other cuts that are considered steaks but don't fall into the main steak categories.

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  • Tenderized Grass Fed Beef Steaks (500g)

    Tenderized Grass Fed Beef Steaks (500g)


    Juicy tenderized steaks from Australian beef. (Frozen)
  • New Zealand Lamb Chops - 5 Chops (approx. 260g) SALE

    New Zealand Lamb Chops - 5 Chops (approx. 260g)

    Regular Price: ¥2,150

    Special Price: ¥1,720

    Tasty frenched lamb chops from the worlds number one exporter New Zealand. (Frozen)
  • Beef Tendon (500g)

    Beef Tendon (500g)

    Very beefy tendon. Perfect for curry or oden. (Frozen)
  • Rump Steak aka. Sirloin Steak (250g)

    Rump Steak aka. Sirloin Steak (250g)


    The cut from the "Top Sirloin" or "Rump". This is a great value. (Frozen)
  • Pork Belly (800g Block)

    Pork Belly (800g Block)


    Lean pork belly. This specification is called "single rib" because it still has the rib meat attached. (Frozen)
  •  Lamb T-Bone Steaks (approx. 100g) SALE

    Lamb T-Bone Steaks (approx. 100g)

    Regular Price: ¥880

    Special Price: ¥700

    Very tasty little Lamb steaks. 2 steaks per package. (Frozen)
  • Pork Chops (150g)

    Pork Chops (150g)


    Boneless pork chops. (Frozen)
  • Sliced Lamb Shoulder (500g) SALE

    Sliced Lamb Shoulder (500g)

    Regular Price: ¥1,520

    Special Price: ¥1,210

    Lamb shoulder, sliced thinly for almost anything you can think of that calls for sliced lamb. (Frozen)
  • 100% Grass-fed Tenderloin Filet Cubes (500g)

    100% Grass-fed Tenderloin Filet Cubes (500g)


    When we cut up tenderloins to make fillet mignons we are left with the tip which is too small for a steak, but too nice to waste. (Frozen)
  • Australian Yaki Niku Slices (200g)

    Australian Yaki Niku Slices (200g)


    Our 100% grass-fed beef Yaki-Niku Slices, not as tender as our premium Morgan Ranch Yaki-Niku slices. This is the economic choice. (Frozen)
  • Beef Cheek Meat (350g)

    Beef Cheek Meat (350g)


    We'll avoid the cheeky description this time. (Frozen)
  • Beef Oxtail Cut (500g)

    Beef Oxtail Cut (500g)


    Australian beef oxtail, cut into 2 cm thick rounds. Perfect for stocks, soups and braising. (Frozen).
  • Kangaroo Rump Steaks (450g) SALE

    Kangaroo Rump Steaks (450g)

    Regular Price: ¥2,290

    Special Price: ¥1,780

    These rumps are excellent for steaks, roasts, or yaki-niku. One pack contains around a few rump steaks. (Frozen)
  • USDA Choice Porterhouse Steak (750g)

    USDA Choice Porterhouse Steak (750g)


    This is the real deal! USDA Choice Porterhouse Steak. Top quality from the US. (Frozen)
  • USDA Choice T-Bone Steak (600g)

    USDA Choice T-Bone Steak (600g)


    The best of both worlds! Sirloin and Tenderloin in one steak. (Frozen)
  • Lamb Loin Steak (180g) SALE

    Lamb Loin Steak (180g)

    Regular Price: ¥1,660

    Special Price: ¥1,320

    One whole lamb loin. The perfect steak for your next easter dish. (Frozen)
  • Veal Cutlet (250g)

    Veal Cutlet (250g)


    Fantastic little loin cutlets, we cut them thick so they stay meaty if you plan on pounding them out. (Frozen)
  • Tenderized Beef Tongue Slices (300g)

    Tenderized Beef Tongue Slices (300g)


    Beef tongue cut into thick slices and then tenderized. (Frozen)
  • Whole Bone-In Lamb Cut (1kg) SALE

    Whole Bone-In Lamb Cut (1kg)

    Regular Price: ¥2,820

    Special Price: ¥2,250

    We take a whole lamb and cut it into 4 cm cubes. You get a little bit of everything. Comes in 1kg packs. (Frozen)
  • (Morgan Ranch Beef) Beef Tongue Slices (200g)

    (Morgan Ranch Beef) Beef Tongue Slices (200g)


    High-quality beef tongue cut into 2mm slices. (Frozen)
  • Goat Tenderloins (3PC)

    Goat Tenderloins (3PC)


    A 250g pack of thinly sliced goat tenderloins from Australia. (Frozen)
  • Ostrich Rump Block (1kg)

    Ostrich Rump Block (1kg)


    Top notch ostrich from Australia. One package has enough meat for 6 - 8 steaks. (Frozen)
  • Crocodile Tongue (4 - 5 pieces)

    Crocodile Tongue (4 - 5 pieces)


    The tastiest piece of the crocodile, by far! (Frozen)
  • For Lamb Lovers The Genghis Khan Set SALE

    For Lamb Lovers The Genghis Khan Set

    Regular Price: ¥5,880

    Special Price: ¥4,700

    This set includes our original spicy Marquez lamb sausages, lamb shoulder slices, lamb patties, spiced lamb cubes with bamboo skewers and finally lamb chops. All for a discounted value. Good enough for 5-8 people. Frozen.

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