Striploin and Rib Roast 1kg Sampler Set!

Striploin and Rib Roast 1kg Sampler Set!
Contents about 1kg
unit price ¥536 / per 100g

Labeling Information

country of origin Australia or New Zealand
ingredients Beef
PACKAGING AND HANDLING Keep Frozen at -18 degrees C

Allergy Reference

Egg Milk Wheat Nut Buckwheat Shrimp Crab
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Those with '○' are included.


Our Striploin block (500g) and Rib Roast block (500g) in a convenient sampler set! 
We highly recommend this set to all you health-conscious beef-lovers!

This wil be delivered chilled (not frozen), so you'll be able to enjoy it right after receiving your package. !

If you order this item together with frozen items, it will be delivered frozen. Please be advised.

Striploin:  The ever popular striploin in a 500g block. Perfect for grilling whole or cutting into smaller steaks. This is one of our most popular items, it's easy to cook, super tasty, and really fun to serve as a single steak.

Our recommendation: coat with our famous Stake Seasoning then throw it on the grill, first searing over direct heat then cooking off to the side.

Rib Roast:  A smaller but still thicc-sized steak block, this 500g ribeye block cooks up really tender and tasty. Of all the cuts we sell, this is probably the easiest to cook – it will be tender even if you cook it hot and fast and because it is nicely marbled it will be harder to overcook than other steaks. So if you (or someone who cooks for you) really aren't very good at cooking but don't like to admit it, this is the product for you.

True meat lovers know the difference bwteen the two. Which one is your favorite?

Serving Suggestion

Cut into desired thickness, sprinkle some steak spice, and start grilling. For the ones who would like it more natural: a simple sprinkle of our sea salt should do. 

If you prefer it thick, you can also cook this as is.

Cut out the excess fat before cooking into thinner steaks. If you're cooking the whole thing, it's better not to cut the excess fat off.

For more information on how to cook delicious thick steaks, click here.

In Depth

Our recommended selection for people who are looking for grass-fed beef and grass-fed steaks and grass-fed grass. High red meat to fat ratio, less total fat, more heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, more antioxidant vitamins, such as vitamin E

【Preserving Refrigerated Meat】

Our listed "best by dates" are estimated for 10 days after dispatch from our facility. Upon removal of the meat from the seal packaging, we recommend eating within 1-2 days.   
After thawing, we also recommend preparing with amount that you would like to use in mind. This means dividing it into smaller portions to keep the unused meat cold as long as possible. Furthermore, we also recommend double wrapping to prevent as much air from touching the meat as possible. This will help not only preserve the integrity of the meat but its quality as well

【About Our Block Cuts】

These cuts are imported from either Australia or New Zealand and cut right here in our very own facility. Since these are hand cut, size, marbling, and redness will always vary. No one animal is identical to the other. We appreciate your understanding. 


In the event of frozen meat, please refer to this.

The thawing time depends on many factors such as size, weight, packaging and the type of meat. Please refer to our thawing chart ≫here≪

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