【free shipping】One Pound Ribeye Steak (Over 450g!) 3 Piece Set! Steak Spice Included!

【free shipping】One Pound Ribeye Steak (Over 450g!) 3 Piece Set! Steak Spice Included!
Contents about 1350g
unit price ¥696 / per 100g
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Labeling Information

country of origin New Zealand
ingredients Beef
PACKAGING AND HANDLING Keep Frozen at -18 degrees C

Allergy Reference

Egg Milk Wheat Nut Buckwheat Shrimp Crab
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This here's a one pound ribeye steak with volume! We thought it might actually be too big! 

During it's time as a cow, this steak was raised delicately on a grass-only diet, giving it that grass-fed nutrional value that we all love and crave. Not only is it delicious but as soon as you sink your teeth into one of these juicy masterpieces, you'll know what's up. The best part, there's of 450g more for you gnaw on! 

These are vacuum packed one by one so you can devour them on your own time!.
This also includes free steak spice and Free Shipping! - Quite the catch!

New Zealand beef is raised in an humane environment, guaranteed for safety. Check out the information below for details.
※Please be advised that though these are thick cuts and thus shape and length may vary.

Serving Suggestion

Whethere it's a BBQ, home party, anniversary, or a holiday event, any time and every time is steak time! A big steak also makes a great gift!

The Meat Guy recommends a simple salt, pepper and garlic combination with olive oil added to a frying pan. Sweet and simple! You can also try The Meat Guy's original steal spice specifically made for our steaks. A special tip for cookig a steak is before applying heat, allow the meat to come to room/lukewarm temperature. For more information on how to cook our steaks click ≫≫here≪≪

In Depth

【About New Zealand Farms】

1. Cattle Raised on Mineral Rich Pastures

In New Zealand throughout the year the climate is pretty gentle with 17,000 milimeters on average of rainfall. This abundance of rain makes the perfect conditions for pastures that the cattle graze upon. These cattle are also 100% grass-fed. Cows are animals that have very lttle dietary needs, and grass supplies all of them. Grass-fed cattle are the most natural cattle there are!
-Farmers use an abundant array of seeds depending on each season, each producing grass with the necessary nutrients for the perfect pasture. Futher,more, they ae also able to control the appetites of the cows with certain blends and herbs.The farms used are around 10 million hectacres. 

2. Only The Best are Handpicked for Redness, Flavor, Tenderness, and High Nutrition
The steers and herfers used are relatively young. On average, they are around 24 months. These breeds also produce Angus beef which is an excellent qaulity of meat. The nutrients that these cows produce are much like tuna, and bonito fish oh which are rich in inosinic acid and glutamic acid. These are essential for those watching their health, lookig for a bit of anti aging, or even body builders paying close attention to calorie intake. Grass-fed beef is also very low in fat and cholesterol, topped off with being packed with omega 3 fatty acids. 

3. Cows Raised in a Stress-Free Environment Without Harmful Hormone Injections

New Zealand is the first the animal husbandry world to restrict the use of hormones. Cows that have been raised with the use of growth hormones are separated and only those raised 100% hormone free are exported. In recent years, 98% of cows slaughtered for the purposed of meat are raised free of growth hormones and the use of antibiotics are limited only to curing sickness. After that, before the slaughter, they are given a break fro any medicine to fully allow the chemicals to be dispersed from their systems. 

4. Zero Records of BSE or Hoof & Mouth Disease

In New Zealand, there are zero records of cinnib chronic illnesses amongst their raised cattle. The main reasoning for this is that New Zealand is isolated from most continents and they have a well formed ministry of agriculture. 

5. Only The Best are Handpicked for Redness, Flavor, Tenderness, and High Nutrition

New Zealand's import regulations are also unified under their ministry of agriculture. It is compulsory that for all livestock that is raised and slaughtered must submit a histiory form that properly lays out the life of the animal. All the way from the farm to your dinner table, for traceability's sake, the record holding of treatment from veteranarians, safety inspections, and processing are all mandatory.  



The thawing time depends on many factors such as size, weight, packaging, and type of meat. Please refer to our thawing chart ≫here≪

Review of this item


Dave 9/25/2021
I cooked this steak at a bbq with a few friends and it was a smash hit. I used a digital thermometer to get it right at medium rare, threw a butter, garlic, thyme sauce over it and bam—so good! I highly recommend this succulent steak.

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