We have Burger Patty made of 100% Grass-Fed Beef and Burger Buns from Kids size to Big Party size!

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Burgers's FAQ

  • Q Do I need to buy 2 Burger Buns for Top(Crown) and Botttom(Heel)?
    A No, you don't. You can make 1 sandwich with 1 Burger Bun. Burger Buns are not cut. You need to cut them into halves after thawing and grilling.
  • Q Are Patties Seasoned?
    A We use salt but they are not seasoned. Choose your favorite sauce/seasoning!
  • Q Is there any filler used for Patties?
    A We only use water. Egg/Breadcrumbs are not used.

Burgers's Review

Kangaroo Burger Patties (200g)
Kangaroo Burgers are the best
Its hard to find Kangaroo meat over here so I'm so glad the meat guy stocks it!! I love these in a burger but they are also excellent if making a rich meaty bolognese sauce (when broken up) or a cassoulet!! Perfect for adding that richness and gamey flavor. My son loves them!!
Surprisingly Good!
It was surprisingly good. And it's way better than the other veggie burgers that we had before. Will definitely buy this again.
Grass-Fed Beef Burger Patties (100gx4)
Weird texture. Play-Doh-ish
Sorry to write this, but not my 'cup of tea'. There is something oddly 'chewy' and 'molded'/'Play-Doh-y' (for lack of a better word) to these burgers. It's like there is bread crumbs and gelatin holding the things together, so it came across sort of like eating a Play-Doh burger. Flavor was ok (not great; even my 13yr. old son agreed that it didn't really taste like a burger should); but could not get over the texture. Hoping this review can spark an improvement because I am usually very happy with the Meat Guy purchases!
Answer from the store 2024/03/22
We only use beef, starch, and salt for this product. But we will share this with our manufacturing team for better quality of products and improvement. We will try our best, thank you so much for the review and support.
Grass-Fed Beef Burger Patties (100gx4)
Again and again!
It is the second time I order and I make a double cheeze burger with grill cheese!
Grass-Fed Beef Burger Patties (100gx4)
Please Sir can I have some more?
Another wonderful product from The Meat Guys arsenal! I cook up these burgers for breakfast and lunch, they are great for breakfast or lunch on the run too. Beefy, tasty and never any complaints at our house to be sure!

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