We have Burger Patty made of 100% Grass-Fed Beef and Burger Buns from Kids size to Big Party size!

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Burgers's FAQ

  • Q Do I need to buy 2 Burger Buns for Top(Crown) and Botttom(Heel)?
    A No, you don't. You can make 1 sandwich with 1 Burger Bun. Burger Buns are not cut. You need to cut them into halves after thawing and grilling.
  • Q Are Patties Seasoned?
    A We use salt but they are not seasoned. Choose your favorite sauce/seasoning!
  • Q Is there any filler used for Patties?
    A We only use water. Egg/Breadcrumbs are not used.

Burgers's Review

Grass-Fed Beef Burger Patties (100gx4)
Please Sir can I have some more?
Another wonderful product from The Meat Guys arsenal! I cook up these burgers for breakfast and lunch, they are great for breakfast or lunch on the run too. Beefy, tasty and never any complaints at our house to be sure!
Grass-Fed Beef Burger Patties (100gx4)
Burger Craving
Great price. They fit the bill. I cooked them on the BBQ and there weren't a lot of flare ups so I could tell that they were nice a lean. I added salt and pepper and a splash or Worcestershire sauce to jazz them up.
Double Bacon Burger Set - For 4 Burgers
Reallllly goooodddd
These burgers are soooo gooooddddd. The meat is juicy and we loved the buns too. The bacon was good and we ended up have some left over for breakfast. The BBQ sauce was too spicy for me but my partner loved it.
Grass-Fed Beef Mini Hamburger Slider Patties (8pc)
半分は、そのままフライパンで焼いて塩を付けて食べました。お肉そのものの味がとても美味しいです。何もまじっていないビーフのみ100%!大満足でした。 半分はミートソースに。こちらも美味しくできました。またリピしたいです。
Grass-Fed Beef Burger Patties (100gx4)
Best Burgers!
With these great patties, I ended up to make the best hamburgers I ate in a very long time! Great price and top quality!

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