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  • Family Favorite
    Gender: Female
    My family enjoys this BBQ sauce as a dipping sauce and as a marinade for baked chicken. It is flavorful without being too spicy to enjoy.
  • Perfect Sauce
    I absolutely love their sauce. Nice and sweet, but it definitely has a spicy kick to it. Not recommended for little kids, but absolutely perfect the adult who likes bbq with a bit of a punch! Not overbearing, however. Great balance.
  • Authentic.
    Gender: Male
    Age: Over 60
    Hot but not too hot. More authentic than other BBQ sauces I've bought made in Japan.
  • Outstanding BBQ sauce
    I love this BBQ sauce, its zzzzbest!
  • Very adaptable
    What I like is how versatile the sauce is. Adding things to it to make a unique experience.
  • 大事に使っています
  • いろいろ使える!
  • 本物の味そのもの!
    Baby Back RibにおまけでついていたのをDipしていただきました。日本では中々味わえない味です。40年程前にOklahomaのClaremoreという田舎町のBBQ有名店で食べた味とそっくりで感激でした!
  • Meat Guy's Original Hot BBQ Sauce
    The sauce was everything promised. I usually make my own BBQ sauce, but I don't have to now that I known this sauce is available. Used it straight from the bottle for hot and smoking. And had it mixed with okanomiyaki sauce for a milder and sweeter taste. Can't wait for warmer weather when I can enjoy this on meats cooked in the great outdoors.
  • 癖になるバーベキューソース!

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