Cassette Adapter for Large Grills

Cassette Adapter for Large Grills
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Perhaps the coolest thing since sliced meat! This little doohickey makes it possible to plug in those little gas cassette cans that they sell at the convenience store into your gas grill. One end screws into your regulator and the other has ports for four cassettes (will work with just one, two, or three cans, just not perfectly). This solves so many problems, like when your tank runs our right when you've got half-cooked steaks on the gill...
This 4 pronged version is recommended for any size grill. When using the adapter be sure to have the cans either standing up or if they are laying flat have the side with the little plastic tabs facing up.

In Depth

A couple hints:
The cans work as good, even better than a regular propane tank in hot weather. However, when it is cold the pressure drops which is compounded by the cans getting even colder (see "Boyle's Law". To keep this from happening and to ensure that you have a good flow of gas, you might need to tinker a little. So if pressure from the cans drops:
1. Make sure the cans aren't empty.
2. Remove a can from the adapter and shake it(you can do this safely, the adaptor has one-way valves and will work with even just one can.) Shake it hard, shake it good.
3. Have a couple full cans around and switch them out periodically.
4. Move the cans closer to the heat of the grill (just not too close, although the regulator should vent if the heat/pressure gets too high).
5. Put the cans in a bucket of water during use, it doesn't have to be hot water, just warmer than about 10 or 15 degrees to offset the temperature drop.

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