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3-Color Intelligent Meat Thermometer

3-Color Intelligent Meat Thermometer
Contents 1pc

Labeling Information

country of origin Germany

Allergy Reference

Egg Milk Wheat Nut Buckwheat Shrimp Crab
- - - - - - -

Those with '○' are included.


It's German, so you know its high quality!!

1pc 3-Color LED SteakChamp Thermometer in a box, with activator and instruction manual.

The Thermometer can be shipped both frozen, chilled and dry. You can put it together with your order in combination with other products.

Plain and simple – the perfect gift for Steak Lovers! Success guaranteed for the perfect steak. Whether grill, pan or oven/broiler. Cooking the perfect steak has never been easier: medium rare, medium or medium well - all in one electronic LED probe. See this simple video demonstration the intelligent thermometer:

# Success guaranteed for the perfect steak
# Easy and clear. Clearly displayed.
# Can be used on grills even at high temperatures (briefly up to 900ーF/500ーC).
# Can be used in frying pans and ovens in addition to BBQ and grills.
# Integral temperature measurement, i.e. the temperature of the core area is determined over the entire metal probe.
# The ideal resting phase is electronically determined after cooking.
# “Made in Germany” with batteries from Japan that can be used approx. 1,000 times!
# The thermometer can be used for beef, game or salmon steaks, for breast of duck or whole (large) fish. 
-Approximately 8cm long.
-Approximately 5mm in diameter. 
-LED's approximately 1cm
-It's also magnetic! You can even stick it on your refrigerator! 

You have friends round for a meal and want to cook several steaks of similar thickness? 
One SteakChamp Thermometer is all you need as a reference because the steaks reach their degree of doneness at the same time.

Serving Suggestion

See the thermometer in action! We cooked a whole Tomahawk steak with the help of the thermometer.


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