Lava Rock / Lava Stone (1kg)

Lava Rock / Lava Stone (1kg)


Contents about 1kg
unit price ¥144 / per 100g

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The rocks collect the heat from the gas jets and distribute it more evenly underneath your cooking surface. If you use lava rocks you will have a much more predictable and even cooking experience, and you’ll be better able to utilize all of your grill’s cooking area.

The average size of one stone is 35~50mm. 

We are currently offering two sizes: 


Covers area of approx:
1.0kg 40 x 25 cm (1000 cm2)
2.0kg 54 x 33 cm (1782 cm2)

In Depth

How to use rocks for gas grills: 

Pour the lava rocks packet into a large plastic bowl or bucket. Fill the bowl with water using an outdoor garden hose, allowing the bowl or bucket to overflow for several minutes while stirring the rocks slowly with a stick or trowel. This rinses away any debris or factory dust. 

Empty out the water and allow the rocks to dry out in the sun atop a towel.

Place the lava rocks in a single layer, completely covering the rock grate inside the grill. The rock grate is the metal grid that rests directly above the gas burners and several inches below the cooking grate. Stacking the rocks higher than one layer causes uneven heat distribution.

If you use lava rocks for grilling regularly, there are a few things you can do to extend their life and effectiveness. You can use high heat to burn away any excess drippings or grease to keep your lava rocks clean. Turn the rocks over every now and then so that the same side is not always facing the burners. However, if the rocks begin to look old or break apart, replace them right away! 

Another idea is to use them for garden landscaping because they look quite beautiful to be honest.

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