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【FREE SHIPPING】Gas BBQ Grill Smarty- California Patio

【FREE SHIPPING】Gas BBQ Grill Smarty- California Patio
Contents 18kg

Allergy Reference

Egg Milk Wheat Nut Buckwheat Shrimp Crab
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Those with '○' are included.


Easy, affordable, gas grills have been one of those elusive things that everyone looks for in Japan but few ever find, kind of like free beer and Bigfoot But sometimes you hit the jackpot, and this jackpot has almost 18,000 BTU's!!!

(I looked it up by the way and BTU's don't really mean anything). But this little backyard baby will give you loads of love and all kinds of fun. It has an electric starter, lava rocks for even cooking, and it comes with a regulator, all you need is the propane which is sold at over 30,000 outlets all over Japan.

We've had great luck with our tester model logging hundreds of hours of burn time without a hitch. The only thing I don't like about the grill is that it sort of looks like the cheap-oMART 50 dollar special, in fact it's made of heavy steel and well put together, it should last for years (except the lighter, those things ware out but there is a hole in the side for manual lighting).

Customer Comments: "The California Patio BBQ I bought from you is working out like a champ. We're all enjoying the grilled meats and desserts." B.M. Tokyo "Firstly let me say a big thank you for our wonderful BBQ. My husband thinks that it is the BEST present he has ever received!" L.S. Tokyo

Q:How do I ask for propane gas in Japanese?
A:LP gasu kudasai. (really, it's about time you invested in some Japanese lessons)

Q:Does it come all ready to go?
A:Some assembly is required, instructions in both English and Japanese are provided. Here is a short video of the process:

And you need a tank of gas, and some meat (we sell meat by the way).

Q:Can I cook a hamburger on the grill?
A:Yes, you can cook a hamburger on the grill.

Q:What if it breaks?
A:All parts and construction are guaranteed for 12 months, so if that's why it breaks we will replace or repair it for free during that time, if it breaks because you ran over it with your car then we don't fix it.

Q:Can I cook chicken on the grill?
A:Yes, you can cook chicken on the grill.

Q:Is it portable?
A:It's got a couple of little wheels so it sort of rolls around but it weighs a little less than 20 kilos without the tank so you probably won't want to carry it on your bike.

Q:Can I cook a steak on the grill?
A:Oh hell yeah, you can cook a steak on the grill.

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