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Other Meat Cuts

A great selection of hard to find meats! We are constantly adding to our selection and hope to have the largest variety of meats you can find anywhere (in keeping with the whole "Meat Guy" theme). The cool thing about these items is that, in addition to spicing up the variety to your menu, many of them are also natural and organic, as well as sustainable. Sometimes even surprisingly tasty!

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  • Whole Rabbit

    Whole Rabbit


    Whole Rabbits from Spain Check out some GREAT recipes on the product page. Frozen.
  • Rabbit Legs

    Rabbit Legs


    Bone in Rabbit leg and thigh from Spain. This will have you skipping along in no time.Check out these recipes...Frozen.
  • Ostrich Rump Block for Steaks

    Ostrich Rump Block for Steaks


    Top notch ostrich from Australia. These are hand cut so the size and shape varies a little, one package has enough for 6 - 8 steaks and weighs about 1 kilos. Frozen.

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