Sliced White Cheese From Turkey (420g)

Sliced White Cheese From Turkey (420g)
Contents about 420g
unit price ¥435 / per 100g
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Labeling Information

country of origin Turkey
ingredients Milk, Salt, Rennet
PACKAGING AND HANDLING Keep Chilled below 10 degrees C

Allergy Reference

Egg Milk Wheat Nut Buckwheat Shrimp Crab
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Cow's Milk Feta Cheese. This is really nice cheese in a handy plastic tub sliced into 3 pieces, from Turkey - where they know how to make some good white cheese. . The outside package might be slightly different (see package pictures above), but the content is always the same. 

White cheese is an excellent source of calcium and other key minerals and vitamins. It's also quite good for weight loss if you aim for that.

Serving Suggestion

White cheese has many different uses. For example, you could make some delicious Flank Steak Rolls with it as shown in the video below. 
Besides, you could try to crumble it over salads and roasted vegetables, use it in pasta sauces or even as a pizza topping for the extra Mediterranean touch. White cheese can  can also be served on its own with a plate of olives, peppers, olive oil, and fresh flatbread. It goes perfectly with Antipasti as well. 

Shipping Notice

※This prodiuct can only be shipped chilled

【In the event that this item is purchased with an item that is shipped frozen】

※As this product is frozen, it expands and will inevitably ruin the quality of the chees itself and thus it cannot be shipped together with other frozen items. 

Depending on your location, A seperate shipping charge will occur.
After placing an order, seperating this product other frozen items will be handled on our end. 
All bundle orders with chilled and frozen items will be shipped seperately. 

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ティン 6/6/2019
ちょっとした前菜にぴったりです^ ^

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