Camel Burger Patties (3kg)

Camel Burger Patties (3kg)
Contents about 30pc
unit price ¥541 / per 1pc

Labeling Information

country of origin Australia
Country of Production Japan
ingredients Camel, starch, salt, spices
PACKAGING AND HANDLING Keep Frozen at -18 degrees C

Allergy Reference

Egg Milk Wheat Nut Buckwheat Shrimp Crab
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30 patties, 100g per patty. Total: 3 kg!

Also known as the healthy burger and sometimes dubbed "hump burger". Already a must-try and delicacy in Dubai for years, very popular amongst Japanese tourists say the locals. There it already has become an alternative to beef and lamb. And now joining kangaroo and crocodile the latest craze has spread to Sydney and has become a great hit as well.

And now here we come: The Meat Guy presents you the McDromedary Patty, Humpy Patty or simply the Camel Patty! (100gx50)

Cholesterol free and lean - same as our kangaroo patties - a tasty and healthy alternative. Camel meat surprisingly tastes like coarse beef and camel meat, in general, is sweet and also smells sweet. Due to low fat although not as tender as beef. We added some spices to make them taste less like ordinary beef. But one can still taste the camel flesh in it. Don't miss this chance! Now here in Japan and to your doorstep. Aren't we great!

Serving Suggestion

One of the many uses of our patties is breakfast burritos, sausage rolls or sandwiches for example.

In Depth

Because size does make a difference! Our regular-sized patties weigh around 100g. Sometimes we do offer special patties which weigh 150g and are hand-made. Our patties are thicker and juicier than the burger of most fast-food chains! We use natural ingredients only and no preservatives or artificial colors, flavors whatsoever!<br.
Let us be honest, do you trust "100% beef" claimed by many fast-food chains? No, you don't! Fresher than our patties is impossible unless you start molding living cows into patties. We take fresh ingredient (never frozen) and mix them with fresh spices (not flavors!) and then mold them into patties by a machine. We freeze the packs right after processing. Our patties never contain artificial flavors, preservatives or any kind of chemicals. For our lamb patties, for example, contains only lamb meat, for the beef patties we strictly use only beef meat, the same goes for any other kind of patty! You think all this is a lie? Please come to our processing plant and we will happily give you a tour to see with your own eyes.

We don't add any additives or artificial preservatives to any of our items we produce! All the spices we add are 100% natural spices only and most spices are even ground at our processing plant just shortly before we produce our patties which adds extra freshness. Because our patties are additive-free they need to be cooked immediately once you thaw them. The only way to preserve our sausages up to a whole year is by keeping them frozen.

One big advantage of our patties is that they can be easily prepared while frozen. The patties are separated by a paper film which allows you to easily separate them while they are frozen. Use low heat to let the patties slowly defrost and cook on the inside.


The thawing time depends on many factors such as size, weight, packaging, and type of meat. Please refer to our thawing chart ≫here≪

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