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Simple but Instagrammable! Easy recipes for BBQ beginners

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Simple Yet Stylish. Easy BBQ Recipes for Newbies.

There are plenty of people out there saying they’d love a few experiences outdoors, but have no idea where to begin when it comes to menu items. Let’s look at a couple of easy recipes that’ll have your friends thinking you’re a BBQ master.

Options with Aluminum Foil

First, we’d like to introduce a few options where all you’d have to do is grill with a bit of aluminum foil. We recommend trying a wide range of seasonings and spices.

Salmon & Onion Foil BBQ

Salmon & Onion Foil BBQ


Raw Salmon (Preferably 2 filets)
1 Onion
1 Tablespoon of Olive Oil
1 Half Teaspoon of Salt
A Pinch of Black Pepper

<How to Make>

1. Take two sheets of aluminum foil about 30cm’s in length, and lay them on top of one another. After slicing your onions, spread them over the sheet and lay the salmon filets on top.
2. Apply the olive oil, salt, black pepper, and torn pieces of dill herbs before finally covering the soon to be delicious dish with another sheet of aluminum foil.
3. It really depends on how high your flame is but generally 10 minutes on the grill rack is perfect. Be sure to let it rest before removing it from the grill.

You’re going to love this one as soon as the aroma hits the air. If you can’t get your hands on fresh herbs, herb salt or dry herbs, will work just as well. Instead of dill, you can also opt to use other herbs such as parsley or even oregano.

Cod Acqua Pazza

Cod Acqua Pazza


Fresh Cod (2 filets)
Japanese little neck clams (10 or more)
Garlic (A single Bell)
Cherry Tomatoes (8 pcs)
Yellow Paprika Peppers 1/8 cut
White Whine (100ml)
Herb Salt 1/2 teaspoon
2 Tablespoons of Olive Oil

<How to Make>

1. Place the fresh cod, clams, sliced garlic cloves, cut cherry tomatoes, and yellow paprika peppers, above two sheets of aluminum foil.
2. After applying the white wine, olive oil, and herb salt, place one more sheet of aluminum foil over the fish filets and wrap them together.
3. Place it on the grill rack for about 10 minutes. Unwrap, let steam out and enjoy.

You can also add Italian parsley as a garnish.

Popular among the kids! Easy to make Hamburger Sliders.

Popular among the kids! Easy to make Hamburger Sliders.

Hamburgers are a staple food. They work well at any BBQ and look good doing it too. Just look at those buns.

Making the Patties (10 Pc)

Of course, you’re going to want to get your hands on some ground meat. It’s easy for ground meat to become contaminated with germs, and thus we recommend preparing the patties at home before your BBQ.


Beef or Pork Mince 1㎏
3 Eggs
Bread Crumbs/Bread Flour 50g
3 Tablespoons of Milk
1 Teaspoon if curry powder
1 Teaspoon of Salt

<How to Make>

1. Knead together the above-mentioned ingredients before shaping them into patties.
2. Once you’ve gotten them into your preferred shape, store them in the refrigerator. Wait until the very last minute before you go out to the BBQ to take them out. This will help keep the meat fresh.
3. Once you’ve gotten to your BBQ location, grill these babies like you would any other burger patty on both sides. If you can, to help the flame reach the center of the burger, cover the patties with your grill lid. This will also keep them nice and juicy.

Be sure to add your favorite toppings like tomatoes, grilled onions, lettuce etc.

Mix Up Your Options

Who says there are rules to a burger? You’re the BBQ King/Queen. You decree your own burger style. Double up on cheese, add different sauces like salsa or even The Meat Guy’s Original BBQ sauce.

Surprisingly Good! Hot Fruit Deserts

When you’re filling up on all of that BBQ food, it’s only natural to come to want to eat something sweet. Of course, you can have a few fresh fruits, but BBQing your fruits not only tastes great, but it’s even easier than grilling meat!

BBQ Pineapples

BBQ Pinapples

Take any canned pineapples and grill them on a skewer. That’s it! They look good and loved by kids. You can even toss a bit of cinnamon sugar for extra flavor.

Chocolate BBQ Bananas

BBQ Chocolate Bananas

It’s pretty normal to use the left-over flame to roast a bit of marshmallows for dessert, but let’s try something else. Everyone will love them and they’re simple as ever.


1 Banana
1 Chocolate Bar

<How to Make>

1. On an aluminum foil sheet approx. 30cm long, place a banana peeled about 1/3 of the way.
2. Add 1 vertical cut to the exposed portion of the banana. Be careful not to fully cut through the banana. Add a few pieces of the chocolate bar to the slit, and wrap it carefully in aluminum foil. Lay it on the grill for 10 5-10 minutes to melt the chocolate.

Banana peels turn black very easily when heat is applied. Use this as a way to gauge when to remove them from the grill. Once they turn a completely black, the chocolate should be rich and melted. The banana should also be very soft to the touch. You let us know how much joy these bring to your taste buds.

Show Off Your BBQ skills With These Simple Recipes

With a bit of time and planning, anyone can follow these recipes and create something great. It’s not just about grilling the meats and vegetables but it’s also about having fun!

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